MYP – Language Acquisition Day

Our annual Language Acquisition Day will take place on Tuesday, 13th April. All MYP students will engage in various workshops dedicated to the theme – “Fairy Tale Characters”. The workshops are designed to cater to all senses; the students will be working with visual and digital materials, acting out scenes, and preparing some snacks.
We are looking forward to another successful collaboration of the language acquisition teachers and our students.
The Language Acquisition Team

6M – Letter to the Headmaster

Students of 6M have been reading Roald Dahl’s autobiography – Boy. They were learning about his interesting childhood and shocked by how many times the headmaster beat him with a cane. They wrote a letter in Dahl’s mother’s name complaining to the headmaster about this harsh punishment. Here are some of their letters.
Ms Tina Frelih

8M & 8I – ‘I am’ poem

8M and 8I students have been reading – The Kite Runner, a story about friendship, which takes place in Afghanistan. After getting to know the principal characters, they wrote poems about one of them. Try to guess who the poems are about if you have read the novel.
Ms Anja Dežman & Ms Tina Frelih

International Mindedness

Last week, our PYP and MYP students completed another Plenary topic – International mindedness.
1M students were getting to know world flags and shared their knowledge about these countries.
2M and 3M students compared themselves to their classmates – their native countries’ traditions and culture.
4M and 5M were researching cultural, historical and natural sights in their countries and location. They created and filled in their countries’ outlines.
MYP students were researching different countries around the world. Their task was to create a tourist guide, brochure or an infographic with details and information about a chosen country.
All the students learned something new and enjoyed the lessons very much!
Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser & Ms Tina Frelih

K1 & K2 – Egg Hunt

On Wednesday morning, March 31, our kindergarten children enjoyed searching for a surprise from the Easter Bunny in our playground. Well, the Easter Bunny was a little bit naughty because he hid the treats very well. In the end, the children found them and carried them happily home in their lovely baskets, which they made by themselves.

2M – Sports Day

Students of 2M had a Sports Day on Monday, March 22, connected to Physical literacy. They enjoyed participating in different activities, such as Team memory, Dodgeball, Tee-ball and dancing. We all had loads of fun.
Mr Denis Divjak


2M – Science Day

On Thursday, March 11, 2M students had a Science Day. They explored the amount of sugar in various foods and how germs spread. They also investigated various exercises and what the effect was on their heartbeat.
Ms Teja Klavs



Unfortunate News

Dear DKIS community,
It is with deep regret that we inform you of some unfortunate news. One of our student’s passed away this week. As a result, we will adapt the lessons in the following days because of this tragic loss.
Though our words can do little, we hope our thoughts and prayers will support all of us during this difficult time.
Our deepest condolences.
Teachers and students.

3M – Sports Day

The 3m students had a sports day which consisted of different activities connected to ‘orienteering’. They played – Hot and Cold, Minefield and picture orienteering, and they all enjoyed it immensely.
Denis Divjak

Soccer Academy

Next week (15th March), we are starting with football training for 1st. Grade students, and it will take place once a week. Because of the Covid-19 situation, training sessions will be organized as follows:
– Students will be safely distanced (2 – 3m),
– Groups will not exceed 10 participants,
– Training will take place in the dome, which will be aired regularly,
– We will disinfect all the equipment,
– Students will wash their hands before and after training,
– We will follow all instructions from the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

MONDAYS, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm 1a & 1b
TUESDAYS, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm 1c, 1d & 1m

Thank you for your understanding.
Denis Divjak


This year’s Community Project tested us with a plethora of challenges that our MYP 3 students mastered skilfully. I am very proud that they showcased being excellent IB learners. Our students carried out their presentations with professionalism and grace, from being risk-takers to caring to open-minded and flexible.
A big thank you to all the mentors and teachers who supported the Community Project process as well! Without your help and guidance, the students could not complete their project to such a high standard.
I would like to commend all students for their achievements, but some have received a special teacher’s award for their efforts.
Maria Kurakina – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Maria Koutsikou – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Nicolas Bojan Ivanec – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Katarina Korošec – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Gaia Ranđenović – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Isabela Sarah Williams – Special Teachers’ Award for Excellent Action
Živa Pilgram – Special Teachers’ Award for Overall Excellency
Batu Mumcouğlu – Special Teachers’ Award for Excellent Action
In addition, big congratulations to Katarina Korošec, Gaia Ranđenović and Anđela Sparić for receiving the Popular Vote Award for their presentations!
We are looking forward to next year’s presentations!

Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator

8M – Community Project Presentation

I’m Hanna Sarossy from 8M, and my topic for the community project was “Relationships and suicides”. My goal was to raise awareness about teenage suicide attempts caused due to relationship problems. With my partner, Nihed, we created a YouTube video ← click to view, where we gave advice, asked passers-by for their opinion, and presented an expert’s perspective.



“Anyone who is involved in photography sees more.”

During March, we are holding a photography competition, and anybody is welcome to present their photo. The theme is – THE POWER OF THE MOMENT.

Try to capture a moment where you feel some power within yourself or the environment, in nature, family, friends, and where you want to express your feelings while taking the photo. Label your photo with either a word, a phrase or a sentence.

The submission deadline is March 26th. The announcement of the best photos is on March 31st. read more…

‘Pust’ – Carnival Celebrations

On Tuesday, 16th February, PYP students enjoyed ‘Pust’ Carnival celebrations, and the events took place in their homeroom classrooms. Kindergarten festivities lasted from morning till afternoon. The children presented their costumes, danced in the gym, crafted masks out of paper and ate doughnuts. All the other students’ (1M – 5M) their parties went on during the afternoon care programme. Children dressed up, played different games, presented their costumes and crafted masks out of various materials.

Community Project Presentations

The final event of the Community Project process on Tuesday, 16th February, saw a plethora of high-quality presentations from our MYP 3 students, who shared their work through their multimedia supported talks on their chosen Community Projects. Students of 8i and 8m showcased their skills ranging from research skills to self-management, culminating in communication skills, which were seen in their confident and engaging performances. We had some tune-ins from students via Teams, as well. The collapsed day was a lively and inspiring event. Questions from the audience showed that our students acquired critical thinking, and it was heart-warming to see their peer-support for their classmates.

Congratulations to all the presenters, and well done for completing this important step on their journey in the IB education.

Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator

Kindergarten – Traditional Slovenian Carnival – ‘Pust’

On Thursday, February 11, our Kindergarten students had a cultural day, and the theme was Traditional Slovenian Carnival – ‘Pust’ masks.
We listened to stories and watched videos. In the end, we made Traditional Carnival – ‘Kurent’ masks which wasn’t an easy task, nevertheless, we managed, and we are delighted with the end result.

MYP – Sports Day

On Friday, January 29, the MYP students participated in a Sports Day.
Here are some of there comments about the day:
“I really enjoyed it.”
“I completed three tasks and walked 4 km.”
“I enjoyed this walk because it was a beautiful view from the top.”
“In my free time, I will go there again.”
Denis Divjak



All grade 8 students (MYP 3) and their parents are invited to participate in the Information Day at Gimnazija Bežigrad on Friday, 12th February, at 10:00 CET.
Because of the COVID-19 regulations, the information day will take place online via Zoom. You will be provided with information on MYP 4 and 5 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, as well as enrolment procedures. Below you can find the information for the meeting.
Mirko Mrčela is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Mirko Mrčela’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Feb 12, 2021 10:00 AM Budapest
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 819 6806 2310
Passcode: 350391
As this is a school activity, there will be no lessons for grades 8 (MYP 3) on Friday, 12th February.
Those students and parents who are interested in enrolling in Slovenian secondary schools should contact Mr Damjan Beton (, the school’s psychologist.

7M – Cultural Day – Storytelling

​Students of 7m had a Cultural Day, of Drama – Storytelling. However, they didn’t just write and talk about the stories; they were walking outside, listening to the soundscapes of a sound artist: Manja Ristić – ‘Ontology of Negligence.’ Students learned about Post Modern and Contemporary Theatre practice; a sound walk, where there were no actors, instead the public became actors of their own performance. This performance is an imaginary world, based on emotions which emerge through sounds.
After the walk, the students had to write a story that ran through their minds while on their walk.
Here are some pictures of their walk, searching for abandoned spaces, which became a performance scene.
This Cultural Day was in cooperation with ‘Zavod Cona’ – an Institute of contemporary art, therefore we would like to thank Mrs Irena Pivka and Mr Brane Zorman for their willingness to cooperate with our students!
Students’ reflection: Students were very pleasantly surprised by the experience. They liked walking outside and focusing on an audio art form. They felt a range of emotions, making them observe many details and interpret them to alter in storytelling. Many said that, especially during online learning, they wish to have more days like this, where the surroundings outside turn into a classroom. Listen to some of their reflections here – (1)  (2)  (3
Mateja Kores (Drama teacher)

8M & 8I – Environmental Art

Students of 8m and 8i are studying and practising Contemporary art. This time, we prepared a unique artistic and conceptual challenge for them. As they were extremely successful, working independently on their ‘installation models’ at home, we believed they were ready for a real art project.
Consequently, their next topic in the field of Environmental art was: ‘Extinction’.
Students had the unique chance to meet, participate and observe an outstanding performance from the Slovenian director Jaka Andrej Vojevec. His project is called ‘Plastocen’, which describes a new human species, which became ‘one with plastic products’ and eventually became extinct. Our public is looking back to this extinct, strange human species and asking themselves how they lived, how they looked like and the languages they spoke, etc.
Thank you to Mrs Alma Selimovič – director of Bunker (organisation for Contemporary theatrical events) and Mr Jaka Andrej Vojevec for his cooperation and unique online performance.
Here are some memories of our online presentation and discussion.
Anja Podreka