Plenary – Economy for Kids

We dedicated four lessons during March and April, in which we discussed some basics connected to – Economy, especially for kids.

In the first lesson, we talked about GOODS and SERVICES. The PYP classes defined what goods and services were. Then they needed to recognize different pictures and describe them. The MYP students needed to find the definition, and then in groups, decide what kind of company they would establish and what it would sell. Then they presented their company to others.

During the second lesson, we talked about NEEDS and WANTS. After clarifying, what are wants? Students had to decide what their families need and what they want. Then they explained this to others. The MYP students created a poster to define their ‘needs and wants’ in connection to the real world.

The third lesson was about PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION. We watched a video and then discussed who were producers and consumers. Students from grades 4 and 5 created an imaginary city where they were required to develop a list of consumers and producers. After they discussed – how parents provide services around the house without being paid, such as cooking and cleaning and posing such questions: What services do your parents perform to help you out? Do they cook for you? Do they clean? The MYP students created posters in groups about their recovery plan, which would reverse current trends and change our consumption and production patterns towards a more sustainable future.

Lesson four was about reviewing everything that we have learned in the previous lessons. For the PYP reflection, the students needed to write down 5 words that he/she heard from in other groups and are essential for the World Economy. The MYP task was a little different. They were split into four groups/per grade. Their tasks were as follows:

They were required to organize a Birthday party for their friend. They had 200 EUR to spend, and they needed to find a place to have the party, buy some food and drink, presents, etc.

2nd group: FIELD TRIP
They had to organize a Field trip for their class. They had 400 EUR to spend, and they needed to think about: where, when, what, tickets, food, etc.

3rd group: HAVING A PET
They were required to think about getting a pet from a shelter. They had 300 EUR to spend, and they had to take into considerations – medicines for the pet, food, services, etc.

They needed to equip a room, and they had 700 EUR to spend. They were required to think about: furniture, a computer, painting, etc.

K1 & K2 – Cycling Day

On Tuesday morning, May 11, the Kindergarten children enjoyed a Cycling Day. They were introduced to cycling safety and showed their skills on bikes, scooters and stribers following a cycling polygon. In the end, they were awarded cycling certificates.

K teachers

5M – Cultural Day

​5m students had a cultural day, on Friday, May 7. They had a visit from a professional animator, Andraž Kržič. He introduced the students to the world of animation and his work. Later, students were given the task to create their own characters based on their Unit of Inquiry – My weaknesses become my strengths. With that in mind, students created one positive character and one negative one, which told a story about their unique solutions and how our strengths can help us minimise our weaknesses. Students learned how to create a character through drawing and sculpturing and how to animate a character through stop motion animation.

Absent Teachers

Mr Benjamin Magnay

Ms Elina R. Zupanc

Ms Jasna Lavrenčič

Ms Sonja Može