Danila Kumar Elementary School’s participation in the Erasmus+ Project

This school year, our school has started to participate in the Erasmus+ KA2 project under the title Connected with the Environment. It is a collaborative effort with schools from Croatia, Austria, Greece and also Poland, the project’s coordinator. Over the course of two years, we will join forces, ideas, experience and try to reduce noise pollution in everyday life, with the awareness that it is becoming an increasing problem of our time.  

The project is grounded in ecological principles. Each country will showcase 4 Modules and show how the environment influences interaction  between history and culture, interpersonal relationships, technology and ecology.

Along with the main goal of the project, meeting European nations and their cultures, developing ICT skills, brushing up on English and getting acquainted with different school systems and methodologies is also a big part of the collaboration.

The  project’s duration is two years, from 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2019. The project highlights research work and teacher and student mobility in education.

Our first project meeting was held on 18th – 20th October 2017, where all participants agreed on the details of the First Module.

We are leaving for Poland, Lubin on 19th March, where students of the national and international department will present Slovenia, our school, their life, our school system, important milestones in Slovenia’s history, and our literary heroes, legends and myths. We are looking forward to it!

Mateja Kores


On Wednesday, 7th March, The vocal and drums group performed at the opening of an art exhibition consisting of works produced through various projects and activities by international students, at Pionirski Dom in Ljubljana. The vocal group started off proceedings with a rousing rendition of a Coldplay song, they were followed by the drums group who gave a typically thunderous performance. After this, there was a short introduction to the exhibition, which was also attended by 5M, who were among those who had artwork on display. Then students, parents and teachers enjoyed and discussed the impressive artwork on show. Mr Boris Beja, who organised the exhibition and the director of Pionorski Dom, and Mrs Vika Potočnik commended our performers and artwork. I was very proud of our students. Thank you to students and their mentors: Ms Špela Peklar, Ms Anja Podreka, Ms Andreja Štimoc, Mr Andrew Tomlin and Mr Simon Zoretič Gayser.

Irena Steblaj


MYP Research Project Presentation Week

From 27th February to the 2nd March, the MYP 1 and MYP 2 students presented their research projects. All mentors were extremely amazed by the quality of the work presented and also by the relevant, sometimes even provocative, questions produced by the audience. A big thank you to all the parents who found the time to see the presentations. It meant a lot to the students who were extremely proud, and so are we. To conclude this long-term project, we will have a small award ceremony on 12th March when the best research projects will be rewarded.
MYP Research Project coordinator Klemen Strmljan  (more…)


International School Carinthia hosted the Alpe-Adria Snow Fest this year at Gerlitzen Ski Resort on 3rd March, in collaboration with International School Trieste, Udine International School, Danila Kumar International School and British International School, Ljubljana.
It was a day of skiing and mingling among students, teachers and parents from different school communities, including a ski race for those interested in racing.
Maks from 1m and Ms Katarina Čepič represented our school and won 1st and 3rd place in their categories.
The weather was rather foggy in the beginning, but the clouds cleared by the end of the afternoon and the amazing surrounding mountains became visible. And, of course – the much loved Austrian dessert – Germknodel, gave the energy kick to ski until the end of the day!
Katarina Čepič