WSC Koper

Some of our students participated in the World Scholar’s Cup – Regional Round in Koper last weekend. This year’s topic was A World Re-Renewed, and the students were practising and studying to participate in various disciplines and subjects. They had to demonstrate excellent debating and writing skills as well as be very knowledgeable about Science & Technology, Social Studies, History, Art & Music, Literature & Media and the Special Area in the Scholar’s Bowl and Scholar’s Challenge. They also had to present excellent collaborative skills because they had to work in teams of three. As a result, all the students received silver and or gold medals, and the following students achieved extraordinary results. 

Debate champion
4th place – Maria Miyanović
3rd place – Zarja Grom

Writing champion
1st place – Eren Tulgar

junior Asimov award- Achyuth Rajesh

Team debate
2nd place – Maks Pilgram, Eren Tulgar, Achyuth Rajesh
3rd place – Stefan Milošević, Yury Chumakov, Maria Miyanović
1st place – Maria Safro, Sofiia Myroniuk, Zarja Grom

Team writing
2nd place – Maks Pilgram, Eren Tulgar, Achyuth Rajesh
3rd place – Stefan Milošević, Yury Chumakov, Maria Miyanović

Champion scholars
1st place Eren Tulgar
3rd place Stefan Milošević
4th place Achyuth Rajesh
5th place Maks Pilgram

1st place global qualifiers Maks Pilgram, Eren Tulgar, Achyuth Rajesh

Simon Zoretič Gajser, Anja Dežman, Tina Frelih

Cooking with herbs

The surrounding blooming nature offers a lot of different herbs at this time of the year. We checked our school garden and found many to put into egg omelettes and made some lovely refreshing mint tea.

5M Morning with Andreja Jernejčič

5M were treated to an invitiation from the prominent expert in public speaking, Andreja Jernejčič. Upon arrival, at her beautiful premises in Ljubljana, we were welcomed with beverages and appetizers, to prepare us for learning about performing in front of an audience. First, Ms Jernejčič gave a richly informative presentation about public speaking, noting non-verbal communication, preparation, and knowledge as some key aspects. There was also the trick of trying to talk with a pencil in your mouth, which helps you open your mouth fully. The students then practiced, using their newly acquired knowledge, and performed, in front of camera, their opening lines for their PYP Exhibition speeches. The teachers were also put on the spot and asked to speak. Ms Jernejčič, then gave us the benefit of her insightful feedback, which was very encouraging for the students, and the teachers too. We would like to thank Ms Jernejčič for a warm, wonderful and informative morning, as well as for the goodie bag! Thank you!

1M – Green Fingers

Part of the current unit of 1m students is taking care of plants and showing some action and responsibility for them. So far, we are helping take care of part of the vegetable and herb garden on our green playground. Last week students also put some effort into a flower garden next to our school building. We want to thank MYP students for removing the old plants and weeds and doing what was too complicated for us, so we could plant some flowers. We like to show our green fingers and are happy with the results of our hard work.



World Bee Day – 20 May

Did you know that the Slovene Beekeeping Association started World Bee Day?  And did you know that we have a beehive at our school?
Bees are the most important pollinators on our planet; without them, we would all starve in some time.
So, we also take care of bees at our school; we plant flowers and plants all around the school.
Ms Maja and Ms Katarina