The Curtains were drawn, the stage was set (metaphorically speaking) for the long awaited recitations at Year 8’s Shakespearian Sonnet Recital Morning. After an arduous month of wrestling with rhyme scheme, metaphor, and Iambic pentameter, to name but a few, the students braved their nerves to deliver the lines they had painstakingly prepared for the Unit on Shakespeare, and of course, the highly emotive subject of love. We were taken on wonderous trains to the ocean, experienced the changeable bliss of the seasons, learnt of family love, the affection for one’s city, and the thrill, danger and loss of Formula one. Amongst the impassioned highs and lows, I’m sure even Shakespeare himself would have been moved by the aesthetic & technical perfection of the sonnets, as, indeed, were the students’ teachers, Headmaster, and all in attendance.