Dear DKIS community!
Danila Kumar Elementary School is organizing a Christmas Fair. Our students will set up a stand with handmade Christmas cards in the entrance hall, and you can secure your very own set of unique cards with an exchange of a donation. The festivities will take place from Monday, 6 December till Thursday, 9 December between 2 pm and 6 pm, and on Friday, 10 December, from 2 pm to 3.30 pm. All proceeds will go towards charity work through the School’s Fund.
We are looking forward to you stopping by!
School Counsellors

School Parliament

At the last school parliament meeting, the class representatives designed their ideal school. They used Lego bricks to demonstrate what they wished the school to look like. Some focused on specialised classrooms, others more on the school’s greenery, but all without fail included a swimming pool!
Ms Tatjana, Ms Mateja Kores & Ms Tamara Cunk

6M – Cultural Day

On Thursday, 25 November, the students visited an animated show, organized by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, called “Somewhere else.” It was in Slovene with English and French subtitles. The students found the play’s setting – the bunker – and the story – the difficulties of war interesting, touching and well animated.
Ms Anja Podreka and Ms Katarina Čepič

Absent Teachers

Ms Jasna Lavrenčič

Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser

Ms Sonja Može