MYP – Winter Sports Day

Today, the MYP students had an enjoyable day at Park Jezersko, experiencing different winter sports. They enjoyed ice skating, cross-country skiing and sledding. Despite being reasonably cold at Jezersko, the instructors’ sports activities warmed everybody up.

7M – Winter Field Trip – Day 3

Students of 7m had a wonderful and sunny last day at Pohorje. After a lucky morning, all the students tested negative for Covid-19, we were able to relax and enjoy the last day of our trip. After skiing, the last delicious lunch and packing, it was time to go home. The students had a lot of fun, and they are still full of energy!
Ms Anja Podreka
Ms Jasna Lavrenčič
Ms Saša Krapež

7M – Winter Field Trip – Day 2

7m students had a very active today at Pohorje. They woke up at 7.45 am to a sunny and warm morning. After a delicious breakfast, they started skiing and continued into the evening! Of course, they had a few breaks along the way and an afternoon ‘siesta’. The students actively participated in all the activities, which proved that teenagers are always full of energy! Tomorrow is the last day here and hopefully equally enjoyable.
Ms Anja Podreka
Ms Jasna Lavrenčič
Mr Saša  Krapež

Absent Teachers

Mr Alen Kovačič

Mr Andrew Tomlin

Ms Klavdija Čuk

Ms Klavs Teja

Ms Maja Majnik

Mr Oliver Frlić

Ms Sara Štrancar

Ms Sonja Križman

Ms Tjaša Fritsch Križaj

Ms Živa Skornšek




















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