Admission Guidelines

DKIS accepts applications throughout the school year. The applicants will go through the following process:

  1. Contact DKIS via phone (+386(0) 563 68 34) or via e-mail (inter@os-danilekumar.si).
  2. An appointment will be scheduled at DKIS or as a video conference call at a mutually convenient time.

The following documentation is necessary for all students applying to attend Danila Kumar International School:

  • A completed application form to attend the International Kindergarten, Primary or Middle Years programme
  • The child’s academic records from their previous school year, translated into English if necessary. Kindergarten students may be exempt from this requirement
  • A photocopy of the student’s passport or identity card displaying their photo
  • A recent medical health certificate
  • Psychoeducational assessment if necessary.

Applications will not be considered complete until all documentation has been submitted. If necessary, families may be asked to provide further supporting documentation to help facilitate the admission process.

3. The Admission Committee will review the application promptly and provide feedback.
4. Applicants who meet the admission criteria will be invited for an interview at DKIS or via video conference. The Admissions Committee will then review the interview. The decision will be   communicated to families via e-mail.
5. Accepted students will be offered a conditional place in the grade level they applied for. During the first three months of enrolment, the DKIS team will monitor language acquisition, academic development and social-emotional issues. DKIS reserves the right to revoke admission at any time during the first three months of enrolment if the team determines that the student requires more support than the DKIS programme can provide.
6. Students placed on the waiting list will be offered a conditional place in their relevant grade level when openings become available.
7. Students who are not accepted will not be offered a place in the grade level they applied for.
8. To complete the admission, the school must receive one month’s school fees which is held by the school as a deposit to cover the last month of the school year or the last month of the child’s attendance fee, should they leave during the school year.
9. If the candidate fails to join DKIS within two weeks of the agreed time the application will be revoked.
10. Upon acceptance, families must sign the DKIS Registration Contract.


The following will be strictly adhered to as a means of placing students into their appropriate grade level. Placement will be determined by the student’s academic records from the previous school year, indicating the completed grade. After a trial period of 2 to 4 weeks, the placement can be reviewed after thorough consultation with all parties concerned.

School Fees for 2022/23 School Year
The school fee covers all expenses including the use of schoolbooks, photocopies, stationery, accident insurance, and for grade 1-8 students, also tickets for performances, excursions (transportation and entrance fees) and extracurricular activities.A discount is available if payment is made in full at the beginning of the school year. Other discounts are available, please see below.
An extra programme for grades 1 – 5 with teacher-specialists provided from the end of the normal school day until 4:10 p.m. is available for an additional fee.
Upon enrolment, a deposit corresponding to one month’s school fee must be advanced as a deposit in case of lost or destroyed books, unpaid food bills or damage caused to school property, which is returned at the end of the school year, or used as the year’s final monthly installment.
Grade EUR
Kindergarten programme (food included) 7,769
Grade 1 & 2 5,505
Grade 3 5,790
Grade 4 & 5 6,080
Grade 6 6,338
Grade 7 & 8 6,500
Afternoon care Grades 1,2 2,660
Afternoon care Grades 3,4 2,454
Afternoon care Grade 5 2,272

Discount Structure

The following discounts are available.

  1. A 5 % discount is available if payment is made in full at the beginning of the school year.
  2. A 10 % family discount is available for the youngest child from the same family who attends our programme.
  3. A 5 % discount for each additional child attending our programme, of any employee at the same firm, only in cases where the school fees are paid for by an embassy or company (and where that family has not opted for the family discount).
Catering Information

Kindergarten Meals

Meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack) are included in our school fee, as well as fruit and tea which are available throughout the day. Meals are served in the classrooms and supervised by teachers. We encourage children to try everything that is served, but at the same time they are allowed to make their own choices.

Meals for Grades 1 – 8

Snacks and hot lunches are available for grades 1- 8 for a fee.
Children who are on a special diet must bring a certificate from a Slovenian pediatrician.

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