5M Morning with Andreja Jernejčič

5M were treated to an invitiation from the prominent expert in public speaking, Andreja Jernejčič. Upon arrival, at her beautiful premises in Ljubljana, we were welcomed with beverages and appetizers, to prepare us for learning about performing in front of an audience. First, Ms Jernejčič gave a richly informative presentation about public speaking, noting non-verbal communication, preparation, and knowledge as some key aspects. There was also the trick of trying to talk with a pencil in your mouth, which helps you open your mouth fully. The students then practiced, using their newly acquired knowledge, and performed, in front of camera, their opening lines for their PYP Exhibition speeches. The teachers were also put on the spot and asked to speak. Ms Jernejčič, then gave us the benefit of her insightful feedback, which was very encouraging for the students, and the teachers too. We would like to thank Ms Jernejčič for a warm, wonderful and informative morning, as well as for the goodie bag! Thank you!

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day 5

The final day brought with it the realistaion that our Kavka adventure was coming to an end, but before it did, we still had things to see and explore. First, we went to visit a fish farm full of Marble trout, a native of the Soča river, some other breeds of fish, and told about the importance of the farm for nature. Then, a short tour of Kobarid was in order, which included the towering statue of Simon Gregorčič, a renowned Slovene poet from Kobarid, that dominates the town’s square. The journey back to Ljubljana was pleasant and relaxing, and the students and parents were happy to be reunited again. And if you would like to witness some of the sights and vistas we were treated to this week, Stage 19 of the Giro d’Italia will pass right past where we stayed, and will be broadcast on TV next Friday, 27th May.

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day 4

Day 4 started with morning gym, and another 4 lessons of the PYP project, with presentations of speeches. After lunch, the students chanced their arm at scaling the heights of Dom Kavka’s climbing wall, with much success. And in the evening the last night came to a fitting finale with many activities created by the visiting schools, including, a quiz testing us on prekmurian vocabulary, a word association game, questions revealing who the lucky contestants would be to go on a blind date, and, with the highlight being the dance, in which everyone partied and reveled to regional music classics.

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day 3

A breezy start met us today, as a morning session working on the PYP Exhibition awaited, perfecting opening speeches and such like. Then a splendid birthday surprise was in store for one lucky student who was treated to lashings of Birthday cake, as were the other students and the teachers too! The afternoon brought the chance to test their skills with the bow and arrow and become archers for a few hours. And to wind down the day the students were given the opportunity to sit back and relax a little with the film night feature – The Secret Life of Pets 2.

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Day 2

The sun greeted us on Day 2, and after breakfast we prepared for a hike to the Kolovrat outdoor museum. On the way we ascended the Kolovrat ridge, and walked a section of the walk of peace, bestriding the Italian – Slovene border. Amidst the luscious landscape we were reminded of the harsh environment soldiers from WWI endured in the bunkers and tunnels of the Italian Army’s third line of defense. When we returned to our resting place, the students were very proud to learn that all in all they had covered 9 kilometers. The PYP exhibition took centre stage in the afternoon with 3 hours on the bounce. Then, following dinner, to conclude the evening, the pupils designed comic strips with a variety of wacky and wild onomatopoeic words.