Summer Office Hours

The International School office will be open from 10 to 21 July every week day from 08:00 to 10:00. The office will then be closed until 21 August.
During the summer the International School secretary will be available via her email:

6 & 7M Sports Day – Ludus Sports Park

The students of 6 and 7M enjoyed their last sports day of this school year. They enjoyed a relatively cool stroll down to Ludus Sports Park where the students organised themselves in groups with interesting names. We had an impromptu beach volley tournament and one group were the unbeaten winners. All students showed a lot of sportsmanship, engagement, and a desire to beat their opponents fair and square. 
We made sure there were a lot of breaks with refreshments and sunscreen re-application. To finish, some students chose to get an ice-cream to cool down on the inside, too. 
We avoided the midday scorching sun by taking the bus back to school. The day was an all-round success.
Mateja Kores

4 & 5M Cultural Day – Kinoteka

Today, the 4 and 5M pupils were treated to a morning out at the cinema, Kinoteka, to watch, on the big screen, a montage of 4M’s previous animating exploits, and an animated feature film. The pupils were welcomed by the staff at Kinoteka, and then the host, Vitja Dominkus Dreu, gave some commentary and insight into the pupils own animations. This was followed by an introduction to the Irish animated feature entitled The Secret of Kells. The fim is a fictionalised account of the history of creation of The Book of Kells – an illuminated manuel gospel book – during the viking raids in the middle ages. 

The Final Event & Garden Party

Today, The Final Event, as the name suggests, brought a close to normal lessons for the school year and allowed each year to perform a finale befitting their own experiences and feelings. Following this, the Garden Party got under way in the green playground, where it was a hard task to stay dry amongst the watery mayhem. The wet slide, bouncy castle, sack race, tug o’ war, and a host of other shenanigans were many ways in which to enjoy the very hot first day of summer.  

Kindergarten Sports Day – Laguna

Today, the kindergarten students enjoyed themselves at Laguna swimming complex. They went by foot, as the weather was still mild in the morning. There they swam, played in the water and the playground and had an ice cream treat at the end. A lot of fun was had, and they all want to go there again.
Sonja Može