Prešeren Day 

Prešeren Day is a Slovenian cultural holiday on 8 February. In Slovenia, the day was established to mark the anniversary of the death of the Slovenian national poet, who died on 8 February, 1849. The day is a celebration of Slovenian culture and came into being in 1945. It became a bank holiday in 1991. France Prešeren is a romantic Slovenian poet whose poems have been translated into many languages. After his death, Prešeren became the leading name of the Slovenian literary cannon. France Prešeren also wrote the national anthem of Slovenia along with Povodni mož, A Wreath of Sonnets, A Farewelll to my Youth, and O Vrba. 

What will you do to celebrate this cultural holiday? 

By Princesa, 6M 

PYP Cultural Day – The Opera

On Friday, 27 January 2023, the PYP students came to school all dressed up and ready for the opera! They started the cultural day with activities through which they learned how an opera is realised, from the musical work to a performance, getting to know the characters of the story and what the message is, and making posters that convince people to go see the opera. Finally, we took the short journey by bus to Cankarjev dom, where the students showed their concert etiquette while enjoying the children’s opera Squirrel of a Special Kind by the young Slovenian composer Iztok Kocen, based on a story by a the renowned Slovenian author Svetlana Makarovič. Even if we are not good at something, we have to try everything to find the things we are good at. And while doing so, never forget to show kindness to those who might not have the same skills as we do.

Sara Štrancar

6M Field Trip – Day 5

We reached the last day, and the time flew by so fast in the sun and on the snow. While skiing skills were formed and improved, social bonds were forged and strengthened proving sport is a great way to form new friendships. Mission accomplished.
6M Teachers


6M Field Trip – Day 4 & 5

On the fourth day we were again skiing through the day, until our feet couldn’t bare it any longer. It was a bit cloudy and windy here, yet the winter snow fairy still held on here in KG. All the students have now learned how to use the ski lifts and go down the slopes independently. Congratulations to all! In the evening we soothed our feet by line dancing at the disco!!! What a party. 🙂 
See you today in the afternoon, around 15.30 – 16.00!
6M Students & Teachers