PYP Exhibition – article

​Students of 5m have finished with their PYP Exhibition this week. It has been a long process and quite an experience. Maria Madeleine Svetlana Magnus wrote an article as part of her action for the exhibition. Through writing it, she has learned how to improve her vocabulary and organization of texts. You are welcome to read it and learn what the PYP Exhibition was all about. (click here)

Tina Frelih

8I & 8M – Sports Day

On Friday, 11 June, 8i and 8m students walked to Ludus Beach Park. There they had a chance to play beach volleyball and enjoy their last moments together before some of them go their separate ways.
Tina Frelih & Simon Zoretič Gajser

PYP – Swimming Course at Atlantis

Our grades 1 – 4 PYP students attended a swimming course at Atlantis, from Tuesday, 1 June to Friday, 4 June. The students were working on improving their swimming skills and enjoyed all the fun water activities.

MYP – Sports Day – Kayak & Canoe Club Ljubljana

On Tuesday, 8 June, the MYP students had a sunny, splashy and wonderful sports day at the Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana. They rotated between three activities: kayaking, canoeing, and basketball. There was cooperation, risk-taking, being balanced and good communicators, especially in the cooperative rowing of the long canoe. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. Everyone was in a good mood and enjoyed the refreshing coolness of the Ljubljanica river. A day well spent.

MYP – Collapsed Day – Samobor & Žumberak

​On Monday, 7 June 2021, MYP students took part in a collapsed day in collaboration with our Friends from Matija Gubec International School in Zagreb. Under normal circumstances, we would meet with the students from their school in person; however, due to current restrictions, our students spent the day discovering the area of Samobor and Žumberak, prepared a simplified version of one of the traditional desserts of that region – the Samobor Kremšnita, participated in various sports games, and solved riddles in the scavenger hunt.
We all hope that next year we will finally be able to meet with the students from Croatia in person!
Anja Dežman