Where: Dolenja vas pri Čatežu 19, 8212 Velika Loka
Departure: Monday, 30 May at 8.00 am  (TUŠ parking lot)
Arrival: Wednesday, 1 June at 3.15 pm (TUŠ parking lot)
What to pack:
6x underwear
6x pair of socks
3x sweatpants
3x shorts
2x long-sleeved shirts
4x T-shirts
1x pullover/cardigan/jumper
1x anorak/windbreaker
1x raincoat
1x cap
2x pyjamas
1x slippers
2x sports shoes (or 1x sports shoes and 1x hiking shoes)
1x rain boots
1x toiletry bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hairbrush/comb, tissues, sunscreen, etc.)
1x towel
1x soft toy for sleeping
Optional: a small table game
1x water bottle
1x torch
1x small backpack for hiking (pack it ready for the ride there – slippers, water bottle)
1x bag for dirty laundry
An envelope containing your child’s Health insurance card, medicine if needed and administering instructions.
Optional: a list of the child’s specifics (bedtime ritual, wetting the bed, etc.)