MYP – Sports Day Dance

On Wednesday, 22 December, the MYP students will have a Sports Day Dance. It will be held on our school’s premises by the Cultural and Artistic Society Baobab, who will lead the workshop on African dances and drums.
Each class will have one lesson on African dance, one on African drums, and a dance session with Ms Jasna, amongst other sports activities in the Dome.
The sports day begins at 8.20 am and finishes at 12.55 pm. Snack and lunch are scheduled as usual.

4M – Cultural Day – Stories from around the world

All the activities will be held at school, from 8.20 am to 12.05 pm. The students will investigate stories from around the world, try to recognize elements of the stories, get to know other types of stories and try to create their own based on their investigation. The activities will be organized in our classroom, and all the necessary materials will be provided. Lunch and the AP will commence after lesson 4.




Students will explore animals, their groups, adaptations, and food chains. All activities will be organized in school and start at 8.20 am and finish at 12.00 midday.
Lunch, snack and the afternoon programme are as usual.

MYP – Debate Competition

On Wednesday, 22 December, Danila Kumar Elementary School is organizing a debate competition for the MYP students. The participating teams should consist of 3 members. The event will start at 1.30 pm, and the participants should gather in front of Staffroom 3. Please hand in the application forms to Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser, Mr Nik Arcet, Ms Tina Frelih or Ms Anja Dežman by Wednesday,15 December. The top three teams will receive prizes, and after the event, a short celebration with some treats will be organized.