MYP – Portfolio Week

Dear parents,
The entire last week of the month (23 – 29 May 2022) will be dedicated to the MYP students’ portfolio presentations. We kindly ask you to take some time together with your child and observe what they have been working on throughout this school year. Our students have been collecting their best work in their online portfolios, although they can also show you their assignments in paper form as well as in their notebooks. After checking their portfolio, we ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to reflect on your child’s work (you will receive the link via email on Monday).
The MYP Team

K1 & 2 – Sports Day – Mostec to Tivoli hike

On Wednesday, 25 May, we are going for a long walk from Mostec across Debeli hrib to Tivoli park. We will take the city bus No. 18 from school to Mostec. We will learn about the forest habitat during our walk through a Scavenger hunt (please do not tell the children about it – it is a surprise! ). At the end of our walk, we will stop at the Tivoli park playground to enjoy the day to the fullest. After the play, we will take bus No. 8 or 6.
Important information:
Students need to take a small backpack, water bottle, hat and appropriate footwear (sports shoes).
Make sure you apply tick spray at home.
Breakfast will be served earlier at 8.15 am
The school will provide snack.
We will be back for lunch at approximately 12.30 pm.



6th LIKFEST – Pionirski Dom

On Wednesday, 25 May, at 10.00 am, the exhibition’s closing event will take place, where a selection of the best works will be on display.
‘Likfest’ is an art festival and competition for all primary schools in Ljubljana. Our students’ artworks, Ekaterina Kostyleva (8m) and Alexandra Kurakina (7m) were selected for this exhibition, and as a consequence, they were invited to the final event.
The students will have an earlier snack in school, and they will arrive at the event at 10.00 am (lessons 2, 3 & 4) at Pionirski Dom, Komenskega 9.
After the exhibition’s opening, students will return to school and continue their lessons.
Congratulations to both students – well deserved!
Ms Anja Podreka – coordinator

8M – Drama – Performances

Grade 8m will perform their theatre pieces on May 25th. We will enjoy watching three groups perform more or less known and international myths or legends from the literary canon. 
The performances are scheduled for lessons 3 and 4 in the school’s auditorium according to the following times:
10:40 Hercules
11:00 Egypt
11:30 Marpessa
Parents and family members are welcome to attend the performances. MYP students and the national department students will be invited as well.
You are in for an interesting experience of traditional stories coming to life in different styles and genres.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our mini theatre.
Ms Mateja Kores, Drama teacher & 8m.