1M & 3M – Swimming Course at Atlantis

(Monday, 30 May – Friday, 3 June 2022) We will meet daily at 7.50 am in your classroom. Then, we will take the school snack and make our way to board the bus at 8.00 am. Do not be late! The swimming course will start at 8.30 am and finish at 11.30 am. Things to bring – swimwear, a towel, and a hairdryer. We will return at around 12.15 pm. Lunch, snack and the afternoon program will be organised as usual.


K1 & 2 – Spring camp – CŠOD Čebelica

Where: Dolenja vas pri Čatežu 19, 8212 Velika Loka
Departure: Monday, 30 May at 8.00 am  (TUŠ parking lot)
Arrival: Wednesday, 1 June at 3.15 pm (TUŠ parking lot)
What to pack:
6x underwear
6x pair of socks
3x sweatpants
3x shorts
2x long-sleeved shirts
4x T-shirts
1x pullover/cardigan/jumper
1x anorak/windbreaker
1x raincoat
1x cap
2x pyjamas
1x slippers
2x sports shoes (or 1x sports shoes and 1x hiking shoes)
1x rain boots
1x toiletry bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hairbrush/comb, tissues, sunscreen, etc.)
1x towel
1x soft toy for sleeping
Optional: a small table game
1x water bottle
1x torch
1x small backpack for hiking (pack it ready for the ride there – slippers, water bottle)
1x bag for dirty laundry
An envelope containing your child’s Health insurance card, medicine if needed and administering instructions.
Optional: a list of the child’s specifics (bedtime ritual, wetting the bed, etc.)

8I – Drama – Performances

Grade 8i will perform their theatre pieces on May 30th. We will enjoy watching three groups perform more or less known and international myths or legends from the literary canon. 
The performances are scheduled for lessons 4 and 5 in the school’s auditorium according to the following times:
11:30 Pandora’s Box
12:00 Medusa
12:30 The Legend of Chang E
Parents and family members are welcome to attend the performances. MYP students and the national department students will be invited as well.
You are in for an interesting experience of traditional stories coming to life in different styles and genres.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our mini theatre.
Ms Mateja Kores, Drama teacher & 8i.