Talent Show Application Deadline

Show what You Can Do

We are waiting for students to join and to show their talent to the school community. Sing, dance, do gymnastics, or even Rubik’s cube. Everyone will get a certificate, but the winners of the categories will get a special prize. Age does not matter; the point is that you get life experience.


Whoever wants to participate can contact this email: andrasp@os-danilekumar.si and say what you would like to perform, and what equipment/songs you need: 
Last day to apply: January 13-15 
Practice: January 18, Wednesday, auditorium, 13:00-until everyone is done (if you want you can leave when you are done) 
Talent Show: January 25, Wednesday, auditorium 16:00-until everyone is done (approximately 2-3 hours)