Summer Office Hours

The International School office will be open from 10 to 21 July every week day from 08:00 to 10:00. The office will then be closed until 21 August.
During the summer the International School secretary will be available on her email:

6 & 7M Sports Day – Ludus Sports Park

The students of 6 and 7M enjoyed their last sports day of this school year. They enjoyed a relatively cool stroll down to Ludus Sports Park where the students organised themselves in groups with interesting names. We had an impromptu beach volley tournament and one group were the unbeaten winners. All students showed a lot of sportsmanship, engagement, and a desire to beat their opponents fair and square. 
We made sure there were a lot of breaks with refreshments and sunscreen re-application. To finish, some students chose to get an ice-cream to cool down on the inside, too. 
We avoided the midday scorching sun by taking the bus back to school. The day was an all-round success.
Mateja Kores

4 & 5M Cultural Day – Kinoteka

Today, the 4 and 5M pupils were treated to a morning out at the cinema, Kinoteka, to watch, on the big screen, a montage of 4M’s previous animating exploits, and an animated feature film. The pupils were welcomed by the staff at Kinoteka, and then the host, Vitja Dominkus Dreu, gave some commentary and insight into the pupils own animations. This was followed by an introduction to the Irish animated feature entitled The Secret of Kells. The fim is a fictionalised account of the history of creation of The Book of Kells – an illuminated manuel gospel book – during the viking raids in the middle ages. 

The Final Event & Garden Party

Today, The Final Event, as the name suggests, brought a close to normal lessons for the school year and allowed each year to perform a finale befitting their own experiences and feelings. Following this, the Garden Party got under way in the green playground, where it was a hard task to stay dry amongst the watery mayhem. The wet slide, bouncy castle, sack race, tug o’ war, and a host of other shenanigans were many ways in which to enjoy the very hot first day of summer.  

Kindergarten Sports Day – Laguna

Today, the kindergarten students enjoyed themselves at Laguna swimming complex. They went by foot, as the weather was still mild in the morning. There they swam, played in the water and the playground and had an ice cream treat at the end. A lot of fun was had, and they all want to go there again.
Sonja Može

Library Under the Treetops – Mother Tongues

The students spent a lesson in June reading outside under the shade of the trees, protecting them from the hot spring sun. To commemorate Mother tongue day, celebrated on 21 February, the pupils brought stories written in their mother tongues and shared them with their classmates. The lesson was relaxing, interesting and everyone learned something new. Reading in our mother tongues is important as it ensures we remember them even when not using them every day.

Tina Frelih

Active Days – Woop

The students who completed their active days chart were rewarded with a trip to the trampoline park Woop. They enjoyed the various jumping activities and were left exhausted by their exploits.

Denis Dvjak

1M Picnic Surprise for 5M

Throughout the school year, grade 1 and grade 5 students have been reading buddies. In addition to helping each other with reading skills, they shared meaningful reflections. Therefore, grade 1 students invited grade 5 students to a picnic on Friday, June 16. Fruit salad with cream was prepared by them alone. There was a lot of fun and delicious fruit salad was enjoyed by both grades. Thank you!

5M students

PYP Sports Day – Atlantis

Today, our PYP students had a sports day in Atlantis, the swimming complex, and took part in and enjoyed a variety of fun activities.

Denis Divjak

PYP Science Day – The House of Experiments

Today, the PYP students, 1M – 5M had a science day. The exciting House of Experiments (Hiša eksperimentov) came to our school and brought with them all their interesting experiments! The students enjoyed a full day of different activities and science “stuff”! According to their reactions and comments, they had a BLAST! 😄
Mr Oliver Frlić
Science Day Coordinator

Science Day – Kras & Bees

On the 29th of May the MYP had a Science day with the purpose of spreading awareness about the fires in Kras in 2022. The main topic of the day was the empowerment of citizens to help nature recover from the impact of climate change with ‘the Forest Institute of Slovenia’. They were teaching the students how to make seed balls, which are balls made out of earth, clay and a single seed, while learning about the consequences of the fires of Kras and learning the history of the forest.

Before that the students had a preknowledge kahoot quiz: – try it out!). After the quiz they made the seedballs they were learning about. The seed balls will be planted in autumn. To finish the day the students had a short learning unit about bees and a short reflection.

View a video of the day here.

Timotej Drnovšek Pangerc

PYP Exhibition

The pyp 5 students wowed the audience with their projects at the Final presentation of their PYP exhibition. It was a Success, highlighting the incredible potential of Young Learners when given the opportunity to explore, Inquire and take action. 

Denis Divjak

6M – Puppet Pefomances

The annual puppetry performances were put on stage on 6 June in front of the PYP students, teachers, and parents. 6M performed in groups, bringing classic fairytales to life with a modern or unexpected twist. The scripts were written in Language and Literature lessons and the acting, puppets, and the backgrounds were defined in Drama lessons.

We were thoroughly entertained!

Ms Frelih & Ms Kores

School Council Final Meeting

Today, the selected representatives of the school community invited our headmistress, heads of departments, and representatives of the teachers’ union of all three departments of our school to the School Council. A lively debate took place covering three themes: mental health, school organization, and relationships. It was remarkable to see how the students prepared, how sovereignly they represented their opinions and presented suggestions and concerns. At the end, the final word was about common solutions to everyday challenges and what the students can do to contribute to the improvement of the school environment and relationships. The headmistress and the other guests said that they wanted to meet several times. They praised the organization and format of the final meeting. They specifically highlighted the maturity of the student representatives and their desire to become more vocal in their classroom communities. You students, are exceptional!

Mateja Kores

Beach Volley and Tennis Tournament – Carinthia

The Beach Volley and Tennis Tournament in Velden am Wörthersee, Carinthia, was really nice and well prepared. We were welcomed with warmth by the staff and the students. We had a lovely and competitive day, playing tennis and beach volleyball under the hot sun, yet surrounded by the greenery of forests. I believe that all the students did their best and showed a full parade of their sportsmanship qualities during the whole competition, and made some special ties with their Austrian friends. Congratulations to all the competitors! Our students were 1st in the Beach Volley (Boys) and 1st in the Tennis (Mixed).

PHE teachers

Turkish Cooking – the way to say goodbye to the Cooking Club for this year

On Tuesday, 30 May, we had our final cooking event to celebrate this years successful season. We had two very special guests – Anka from the local food project Kuhnapato and a mother of one of our Turkish students. She helped us prepare some easy but tasty traditional Turkish dishes. And of course, since it is the season, we prepared a delicious mint tea from our school garden.
See you at cooking next year!
Ms Katarina and Ms Sonja

1M Science Day – Water

The 1M students had an exciting Science Day dedicated to water. They conducted experiments to explore sinking and floating, measured water temperature in different states, and discussed the water cycle. They tested objects in water to understand density, discovering that dense objects sink while less dense objects float. Using thermometers, they measured the temperature of ice, liquid water, and steam, learning about heat transfer and different states of matter. They also traced the water cycle from evaporation to condensation, precipitation, and collection, emphasising the importance of water conservation. This hands-on experience sparked their scientific curiosity and laid the foundation for further exploration into the wonders of water.

Klavdija Čuk

MYP Science Day – Ecology

The MYP students had a Collapsed Day on 29 May, which included various topics surrounding Ecology. We had a visit from the Slovenian Institution of Forests, whose employees held a speech and explained some general information about the Kras fires in 2022 as well as its Ecosystem. Later, the students made seed balls out of a natural, authentic material, of which the main ingredient, seeds of trees, will be planted in the Kras region in Autumn. The students also had a lesson about Beehives and reflected on their experience. 

Anja Podreka

Kindergarten Cycling Day

On Friday we had a wonderful cycling day. 
Our teachers prepared two obstacle courses for us to tackle. 
To say the least we had a blast!
Kindergarten Students

5M Field Trip, Kavka – Final Day

The final day arrived tinged with sadness, as the pupils were aware they had to say goodby to Kavka, for which there will be fond experiences etched in their memories. On the descent down into the Soča valley, Kobarid was the next stop on the way back to Ljubljana. Our guide Ms Mojca first took us to visit a statue of Simon Gregorič which dominates the town square, a priest and poet known for his lyrical poetry, in particular his ode Soči dedicated to the river Soča, who hails from the area. Ensuing then, a walk up to The Italian Charnel House, an Italian military shrine which contains the remains of over 7,000 Italian soldiers who lost their lives in the battles of the Isonzo, with, at the summit, a church dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. After the sightseeing a farewell ice cream was sought before the scenic journey home, and a return to some delighted parents.

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