30th Anniversary of Slovenia’s Independence

Dear students and parents,

Tomorrow we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence. The students from both departments of our school have prepared a celebration in the form of a video. We invite you to take a look and celebrate this special birthday with us.


Have a great summer and see you in September.

International Department Team

6M & 7M – Sports Day – Ludus Beach Park

On Wednesday, 23 June, 6M and 7M students went to the Ludus Beach Park Ljubljana. There they had a chance to play beach volley and learn the specifics of the sport with professional mentors. A tournament was held and the winning team this year was Metuljčki (the Butterflies). Congratulation!

Kunapato Cooking Event

On Tuesday, 22 June, 5m students participated in one of the Kuhnapato public cooking events. They were cooking in Spar, BTC, and prepared a risotto dish with lentils, millet and buckwheat. All the tasters found the risotto delicious!
Ms Katarina

PYP Sports Day – Footgolf

PYP students had their last sports day for this school year. They played 18 holes of Footgolf at Sneberje – Ljubljana. They enjoyed the day even though it was sweltering.

Active Days Project

On Friday, 18 June, the students who successfully completed the active days project were rewarded with a visit to WOOP – Trampoline Park. They all had a fun time and enjoyed it immensely.

6M – Puppetry Performance

Grade 6 students have prepared an unforgettable shadow puppetry performance consisting of six short plays. They wrote the scripts themselves during Language and Literature under the mentorship of Ms Tina Frelih. The stories were classical fairy tales with a modern twist and important morals of the story. The shadow puppets were made on the collapsed day and finished at Drama lessons. All students exhibited a lot of focus and cooperation in a short period of time. We did not have the usual rehearsal time due to the lockdown. Students have put on a really excellent show, considering we only have 45 minutes a week. We finished the puppets, backgrounds and rehearsed in small groups to show a well put together performance.
Congratulations, 6m!
Ms Mateja Kores, Ms Tina Frelih and Ms Anja Podreka

Invitation – Summer Museum Night

Nina Koželj and I cordially invite you all to join us for the Summer Museum Night – an (inter) event of the LIKfest Art Festival.

“We are all in the same boat.”
in front of the Pionirski Dom building on Vilharjeva cesta 11, Ljubljana
OPENING: Saturday, 19 June, at 9.30 pm [until 5 July]

The past year’s reality has profoundly interrupted the continuous exhibition production of the art festival LIKfest. It also made it impossible to present children’s works on the theme of landscape in the gallery of Pionirski Dom. The natural landscape has therefore been replaced by a virtual one this year. The spatial installation in the garden of Pionirski Dom interrogates contact and touch with the help of a virtual language, more precisely a video documentary, where its primary linear narrative, the artistic element of the line resides and settles through the hologram. The light line is subjective and elusive, but above all, difficult to repeat and manifests itself in the installation as a light record. It forms a hologram in the form of a juxtaposition of the work of several cartoonists. The project’s production took place in school environments and continued as group work, hence the installation title.
PARTICIPANTS: Primary school students of the City of Ljubljana
Nina Kozelj, Boris Beja
Video: Blaz Bergant
Thank you to everyone who will participate and help us with the project!
Ms Anja Podreka


Dear parents of 8m and 8i,
The MYP teachers would kindly like to thank you for the thoughtful gifts we have received from our students. The teachers agree that it is nice to feel appreciated, and they feel grateful for the effort you and the students have put into organising yourselves and selecting the gifts. You have really made our day. Thank you for your support, guidance, encouragement and participation throughout this tumultuous school year as well as the final days at our school.
Thank you very much!

Tina Frelih & Tadeja Galonja

PYP Exhibition – article

​Students of 5m have finished with their PYP Exhibition this week. It has been a long process and quite an experience. Maria Madeleine Svetlana Magnus wrote an article as part of her action for the exhibition. Through writing it, she has learned how to improve her vocabulary and organization of texts. You are welcome to read it and learn what the PYP Exhibition was all about. (click here)

Tina Frelih

8I & 8M – Sports Day

On Friday, 11 June, 8i and 8m students walked to Ludus Beach Park. There they had a chance to play beach volleyball and enjoy their last moments together before some of them go their separate ways.
Tina Frelih & Simon Zoretič Gajser

PYP – Swimming Course at Atlantis

Our grades 1 – 4 PYP students attended a swimming course at Atlantis, from Tuesday, 1 June to Friday, 4 June. The students were working on improving their swimming skills and enjoyed all the fun water activities.

MYP – Sports Day – Kayak & Canoe Club Ljubljana

On Tuesday, 8 June, the MYP students had a sunny, splashy and wonderful sports day at the Kayak and Canoe Club Ljubljana. They rotated between three activities: kayaking, canoeing, and basketball. There was cooperation, risk-taking, being balanced and good communicators, especially in the cooperative rowing of the long canoe. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. Everyone was in a good mood and enjoyed the refreshing coolness of the Ljubljanica river. A day well spent.

MYP – Collapsed Day – Samobor & Žumberak

​On Monday, 7 June 2021, MYP students took part in a collapsed day in collaboration with our Friends from Matija Gubec International School in Zagreb. Under normal circumstances, we would meet with the students from their school in person; however, due to current restrictions, our students spent the day discovering the area of Samobor and Žumberak, prepared a simplified version of one of the traditional desserts of that region – the Samobor Kremšnita, participated in various sports games, and solved riddles in the scavenger hunt.
We all hope that next year we will finally be able to meet with the students from Croatia in person!
Anja Dežman

Debate Competition

​On Friday, 3 June, Danila Kumar Elementary School organized a debate competition for our students. Ten teams and more than thirty students participated in the event. All teams displayed a high level of enthusiasm and drive to show their knowledge and debating skills.
Thanks to all the mentor teachers and students for their participation.
Congratulations to the first three teams:
1st place: Maria Mijanović, Neva Lukan, Lucija Erjavec
2nd place: Živa Pilgram, Isabella Williams
3rd place: Achyuth Rajesh, Eren Tulgar, Maks Pilgram

MYP – Sports Day – St Primož above Kamnik

On Thursday, 3 June, the MYP students went on a hike to St Primož, a hill above the city of Kamnik. We took the bus from school to the foot of the mountain and started our ascend from Strahovica, where a wide macadam road led us towards St Primož. The climb was slightly challenging for some, and it took us approximately 1½ hours to reach the top of the hill. There we found the old church of St Primus and Felician, built in the 12th century and rebuilt to its present appearance in the 15th and 16th centuries. The church is decorated with well-preserved medieval murals. We rested, had our snack enjoying the sunny day and marvellous view.

K1 & K2 – Sports Day – Rožnik

On Wednesday, 2 June, the Kindergarten students took a trip to Rožnik. The weather was perfect, and the students were in a good mood.
We all enjoyed hiking and observing nature. We saw many different animals, even deers, squirrels and a lizard. When we reached the top, we had a lovely snack – we even managed to fill in a scavenger hunt worksheet and exercise in the small playground. We were extremely fast going back, running almost all the way downhill. When we came back to school we were hungry, a little bit tired and happy.

5M – Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition

We cordially invite all community members to the 2021 Grade 5 Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition. The Exhibition represents a significant event in the life of a Grade 5 student, bringing together the essential elements of the PYP and sharing them with the whole school community. As a culminating experience, it is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile they have been developing throughout their engagement with the PYP.
Students focused on the central idea, “My weaknesses become my strengths”. They are engaged in an independent, transdisciplinary inquiry process involving identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life problems; taking action is a significant part of this process.
This event will be held at the Danila Kumar International School on 7 June 2021, at 8.40 am in the school’s large, open central hallway at the main entrance reception.
We look forward to seeing all community members at this event to support our Grade 5 students.
Kind regards,
Ms Tina