As the quantity of e-waste is growing rapidly, it is important to recycle it or reuse it properly. From 1st to 21st October we will be collecting Small Electrical Appliances in the lobby of the school. We will try to collect as many appliances as possible to win a prize and host a concert with Challe Salle in our school! To win a prize, there are two conditions:

  • Collect as many electrical appliances (in kg) as possible (functional and non-functional)
  • Create a strong (media) campaign in school and in your community (evidence!)

We are collecting kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, microwaves, radios, electric tools, mobile phones, calculators, laptops, TV monitors, videorecorders, LCD screens …
Bring it to reception (if needed in a cardboard box or bag) and mark with a note if it still functions.
The functioning appliances will be checked by designated companies and organisations and donated to those in need.
For more information visit:
Ozaveščevalno – zbiralna nagradna akcija na območju Mestne občine Ljubljana »Prinesi male aparate« | ZEOS
We will need your help (parents and students) with the collecting and the campaign!
7th and 8th grade students are invited to participate in the project and acquire Short-Term Service as Action recognition.
The PYP and MYP classes that bring the highest number of appliances will be awarded! (2 awards)

Ms Katarina Čepič

MYP Cultural Days – Idrija Lace

Our school celebrated the Week of National and European cultural heritage with a visit to Idrija City Museum.
The MYP students visited the Museum on Wednesday 28th September. They participated in three different workshops and were guided through the museum. They got to know many things about Idrija’s lace and its history.
The following day, Thursday 29th September. the students prepared some ‘Contemporary products’ and interpretations of Idirja’s lace. Some students made skirts, ties and dresses and, therefore, learned how to design simple cuts. 
Others worked in the design classroom and made lace lanterns, others practiced patience and preciseness and drew lace patterns on paper as a table cloth. 
We believe  they had two interesting and productive days! 
Anja Podreka 
Tadeja Galonja

6 & 7M Cultural Day – Service as Action

On Tuesday, 20 September, 6 and 7M students had a collapsed day during which they started working on their long term Service as Action. They worked well on proposals, researched their ideas, and prepared basic plans of how they would carry out their activities. The 6M students focused on collaborating with the Bežigrad Old People’s Home, while 7M students’ focus was on improving the school environment and helping out the school community. 

Tina Frelih

Reading Badge for Parents 

We are inviting all the parents or other family members to participate in our Reading Badge project for parents and employees at Danila Kumar School. The reading badge will run throughout the school year and conclude on 2 April 2023. Everyone can participate by reading 5 books, writing your opinion about them in the attached form, and sending it to the school library e-mail ( The books can be anything you like, adult fiction, youth fiction, as well as professional fiction, in any language. With your permission, we will publish book reviews in a special collection published on the school’s website, where you can see recommendations for your next reading. By joining this project, you will be a wonderful example to your children. Through youth literature, you will be able to peek into their world, talk about what you have read, and share your opinions with them. 

Tina Frelih

Literary Competition 

The teachers’ Association Naša Zemlja organizes a literary, art and photography competition entitled “Our Homeland – My Security”. The competition is extremely important, as it encourages young people to know and think about the importance of safety in our lives. The students should consider various forms of security for all living beings – personal safety, safety of our homelands, online safety, safety of animals, plants. Let your imagination run wild and consider the metaphorical meaning as well as security today, in the future, in different periods of an individual’s life, in different social circumstances, in different regions of our homelands. You can express yourself through free writing, poems, essays, lines, anecdotes, comics, plays etc. Please contact me if you are interested in participating. 

I will be collecting your work until 17 April, 2023.

Ms Tina Frelih 

PYP Library Under the Treetops 

As part of the National Month of Shared Reading campaign, students of the PYP spent a lesson outside reading under the treetops. Reading in the fresh air has a positive effect on the development and formation of a healthy lifestyle and skills, quality leisure time, the formation of a creative personality and a positive attitude towards reading and the students enjoyed it a lot. Afterwards, they reflected on their learner profiles and discovered they were balanced, inquirers, thinkers, caring, communicators, principled, knowledgeable and risk-takers. We encourage both the parents and the students to spend the remaining sunny days enjoying a good book in nature. 

Tina Frelih

European Day of Languages

As part of the Council of Europe’s initiative, the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001, on 26 September – together with the European Commission. On Tuesday, 27 September, during their Slovenian lesson, all MYP students enjoyed a joint lesson in honour of the European Day of Languages. The students competed in a quiz in which they had to identify a language. They also translated some school language into the various languages our MYP community speaks. Lastly, they were trying to pronounce some international tongue twisting sentences. 

Language acquisition team

PYP Hiking Sports Day

The PYP had 2 hiking trips: 1 and 2 ascended Rožnik, while 3,4 and 5 visited Rašnica. It was a perfect early autumn day for a hike with cool temperatures, a light breeze, warm sun, and tranquil blue skies.

MYP 3 Hiking Sports Day

8M/I climbed Velika Planina, the weather was wonderful. All in all, despite some small challenges, it was a very good day. 

Katarina Čepič

MYP 3 Community Project Collapsed Day

On Tuesday, 20th September, MYP 3 students had a collapsed day. They were working on the initial stages of their Community Project. They worked well on the proposals, made connections with the chosen community and touched base with all the requirements that need to be met to successfully pass the Project, which is an MYP 3 requirement. 
We are looking forward to the steps that follow and are confident that their work will culminate in excellent presentations in December. 
Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator

National Month of Shared Reading 

We would like to invite the school community to join the National Month of Shared Reading campaign, which will take place from September 8, 2022, on. Activities that take place under the motto ‘Let’s read together’ are the link between reading and movement. The organizers want to connect reading and exercise as much as possible, as both have a stimulating effect on the development and formation of a healthy lifestyle and skills, quality leisure time, the formation of a creative personality and a positive attitude towards reading and exercise. Their website also includes suggestions for various activities for schools, children, young people, families… Our students have already participated in one of their activities – Library under the treetops.  
For those of you who speak Slovenian, we recommend the following website, where you can find activities to encourage reading:

Tina Frelih

PYP Day of Internationalism

On Tuesday, 13 September, KG and PYP students had a day devoted to Internationalism. They began their collapsed day lessons by introducing their classmates to parts of their nationality and culture which they brought to school with them. Learning about other cultures – being open-minded, caring, principled, reflective, risk-taker, thinker, communicator … – was a great starting point to recognise, use and learn about learning profiles, which will continue to be an integral part of this school year.
Sara Štrancar

Small Electrical Appliance Collection

Between 1st and 21st October we will be collecting small electrical appliances (functioning and not functioning ones). The project is called Life Spodbujamo e-krožno (Circular use of e-appliances) and it is connected to the 5th International day of e-waste  (14th October). It is aimed at raising awareness about the proper treatment and discarding of electrical appliances which have broken down and also reusing those which are still functioning. You will be able to deposit the electrical appliances in the designated containers.
The schools which are most active and collect the largest number of electrical appliances will be visited by a famous Slovene rapper, Challe Salle!
Katarina Čepič

MYP Reading under the Treetops

During the month of September the MYP students were treated to a lesson dedicated to reading literature and prose, to be enjoyed amongst the tranquil surroundings of the green school playground, under the treetops. The cool temperature helped facilitate a relaxing, beneficial and cultural experience, in which the students later reflected upon by, through the context of learner profiles, writing their thoughts on paper leaves and flowers. Students (and parents), are encouraged to continue reading in an array of autumnal environments, as well as through all the seasons.


The Sports Academy is intended for students from 1st to 5th grade of the International and national departments of Danila Kumar Elementary School and is not intended for professional training or replacing a professional coach, but rather in a playful way, adapted to the age of the children, learning about the purpose of individual ball games and connecting only – with personal growth. Find out more here.


IB Learner Profiles

On 2nd September 2022, MYP students spent their day exploring the importance of IB LEARNER PROFILES. They discovered that learner profiles are just as important in our everyday lives as they are in school. After checking their preknowledge, they attended four different stations to see the connections and the impact these learner profile traits have on our lives: 
#1 – learner profiles on a community level How learner profiles encourage us to help the community. 
#2 – Learner profiles on a school level How our behaviour impacts the school atmosphere and how learner profiles help us make positive changes. 
#3 – Learner profiles on a subject level How learner profiles help us be more successful in different subjects. 
# 4 – Learner profiles on an individual level Realizing our strengths and weaknesses.  
Students then chose one learner profile they will be working on throughout the whole school year of which they will be collecting evidence of their progress along the way.  
And it’s not just the students who will be working towards improving in their chosen area, the teachers will also join them and we invite you to participate as well.  

It’s the little things that make a big difference, so join us in making these positive changes! 

Anja Dežman

1st Day of School

Every new day brings a fresh chance, it brings new hope and it sheds a new light.
Dear students, respected parents and my dearest colleagues. A very warm welcome to each and every one of you.
Today we have many new students among us; therefore, let us welcome them with a smile and loud applause.
Let me return to my opening thought. As we all know the beginning of something new is always a new opportunity. For some of you the novelty might only be a new school year, for some of you a new school and on top of that for some of you even a new country. Nonetheless, you all have something in common; you are all opening a next chapter of your life. A chapter full of challenges. But it depends on you on how to overcome those challenges. Please, have in mind that none of us can be good at everything. Luckily, we are all unique. Therefore, compete only with yourself, learn from your mistakes and always try to do your best. Success has no shortcuts.   
With that being said, I would once again like to welcome or welcome you back to DKIS. Let the new school year begin.

Klemen Strmljan
Head of International Department

Summer Holidays – Office Hours

The international office will be closed between 25 July and 16 August.

Our secretary Ms Maya Fürst will be available via e-mail: