2M Cultural Day

It was a snowy day as second grade students visited the museum of post and telecommunication in Polhov Gradec, as part of their unit on communication. The Museum contains revised and updated exhibitions on the History of Post, the History of Telecommunications and Živa’s Corner, which is especially for younger visitors.
Teja Klavs

WSC – Day 7

If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere, it’s up to you, New York, New York.
We woke up bright and early to catch a train to the Big Apple. A day full of surprises, excitement and tall buildings. First it was the famous Lady Liberty and the Staten Island Ferry, then the Wolf, pardon, The Bull of Wall Street. I hope it brings us luck! We were let down by the weather a little, not being able to enjoy the view from the Top of the Rock. However, the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps gave us a thrill on Time Square and we caught a glimpse of what it means to live in one of the most famous cities in the world.
Mateja Kores

School Notice

Dear Parents,

This week we will have some additional activities. During the individual interviews on Thursday, 22 November, from 16.00 – 17.30, we will be selling school T-shirts and sweat shirts in the entrance hall. We will also sell used or new clothes donated to us by parents and teachers. We will use the funds collected for the enrichment activities.

I would also like to encourage all members of our school community, students, parents and other family members to participate in the Let’s Help our Schoolmates event this Saturday, 24 November, from 10.00 – 12.00. Our students have created artwork, Christmas cards and various handicrafts for the Bazaar. There will also be art workshops, face painting, an auction and a raffle.

Students can apply for Saturday lunch in our office by Thursday morning, family members will be able to buy it at the venue.

I look forward to meeting you at the events,

Irena Šteblaj

French Workshops

On Friday 16th November, Ms. Maša Jazbec from the French Cultural Institute Charles Nodier led a wonderful storytelling session for our PYP and MYP 1 students of French. The pupils enjoyed the puppet performance, read stories in French to each other and engaged in creative arts and crafts workshops. All in all, it was a compelling learning experience for all the participants.
Katerina Lovenjak

WSC – Day 6

The final day of the competition with the prestigious Debate Showcase is successfully behind us. We are proud of all our debaters, and Val Enej Jenko, who represented us in the panel at the Debate Showcase. Oh, wait, no. The day is not over just yet! Tonight, the floors will shake and the students will dance the night away. It’s the Scholar’s Ball. Tomorrow we are off to the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. I hope we will!
Mateja Kores

WSC – Day 5

The beginning of the competition! Positive excitement was felt from the early morning. The students were sent to different locations to tackle the essays, challenge, and of course, the debates. We did not see each other before dinner. Everyone was very hyper after, talking about the competition, judges and motions. We can say our teams were successful, winning at most of the debates. The evening was relaxed, but the buzz before the next day’s Scholar’s Bowl and the evening dance was palpable. Off to a new day.
Mateja Kores

WSC – Day 4

After a successful registration, we were ready and equipped to start the competition. The opening ceremony was delayed due to the weather. Snow surprised us all. Not the snow itself, but how much snow fell in 2 hours the previous evening. Students completed the Scavenger Hunts, made new friends and mingled with people from many different nationalities and cultures. Tomorrow it starts! Good luck Danila Kumar!
Mateja Kores

Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

On the 16th of November 2018, our school served the traditional Slovenian breakfast for the sixth year in a row, we began with a collective breakfast (dark bread, butter, honey, milk and an apple).
The food was of Slovenian origin and was the result of the cooperation between schools, farmers, the food processing industry and beekeepers. It was financed by the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food.
Afterwards there was discussion and activities on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture.
Ben Magnay

WSC – Day 3

We woke up to a wonderfully sunny morning, yet in shock at the ‘pleasing’ temperature of -4 degrees! Our day’s plan was The Museum of Science, where all kinds of interactive experiments were tried out. Next, was the famous Boston Duck Tour, exploring the city on land and on water. The evening was just right for some shopping and then an early night in, since the next day the journey goes on. Ahead to New Haven!
Mateja Kores

WSC – Day 2

A little jet-legged but enthusiastic we embarked on the Boston Freedom Trail with Mrs Hancock herself. It was pouring down with rain, but that did not bring our spirits down. After purchasing a lifetime supply of umbrellas, we happily discovered the history and significance of Boston. There is no America without some ‘traditional food’ too. The afternoon was dedicated to Harvard. The students were interested in how to apply and what it takes to become a freshman there. The evening debate concluded our day and we fell asleep in no time.
Mateja Kores

3M Sports Day – Orienteering

Today, 3M students had an orienteering sports day. They had different activities in which they learnt about orientation.
Mateja Pompe

WSC – Day 1

After a long day of travelling, transfer and a lot of watched films on the plane, we arrived in Boston safely and jet-lagged. Students are excited. We had a smooth trip and are looking forward to our daily endeavours. Today the schedule lists Boston Freedom Trail and Harvard University.
Mateja Kores

Professional Development in Zagreb

Our teachers attended a workshop on Sustainable development and permaculture for schools and DYV projects lead by Mr. Ratko Johan at Matija Gupca School in Zagreb this weekend. We hope this experience will enhance the development of similar activities and projects in our school.
Ms. Irena Šteblaj

Kindergarten – House of Experiments

K1 & K2 were invited to join the celebration of the House of Experiments which took place in the city centre in 17 different locations on 9 November. When the children finiished they were awarded with diplomas and badges. They enjoyed the happenings very much and everything triggered their interest and thinking.
Marija Rus

Visiting an Old People’s Home 

On 7th November, we visited an old people’s home with some of our 2nd and 3rd graders. We were celebrating St. Martin´s Day, singing and having a nice time together. We are looking forward to meeting them again in December.
Ms. Maja Majnik and Ms. Marija Breceljnik

Halloween Party 2018

On Thursday, 25th October the Halloween party took place. The scary reading delivered by MYP students to the PYP kicked off proceedings followed by the main party in the dining room. There were many activities including face painting, jack o lantern making, dancing and numerous games with sweet prizes. Many thanks to the PTA for organising the event.

Firefighting Day

On 25th October the students were visited by the Slovenian professional army and its ambulance, by the Police and the Police dogs and also by the Slovene voluntary firefighters from PGD Stožice and Ježica. We learnt a lot and it was fun.
Katarina Čepič


In order to commemorate one of the greatest Slovenian writers, Ivan Cankar, we would like to encourage students at Danila Kumar International School to take part in the Moro Foundation contest.



You can take part in the contest by creating the following products:

1M and 2M – Bookmarks with images or quotes from Ivan Cankar and his work

3M and 4M – A ‘wanted poster’ for Ivan Cankar (include information about his appearance, his life and work, A3 paper, your own drawing)

5M and 6M – An interview or a social media chat with Ivan Cankar (min. 400 words)

7M and 8M – A newspaper article or a story in connection with Ivan Cankar (min. 600 words)
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Cultural Week – Ivan Cankar

This year’s cultural week between the 11th and the 16th of October was dedicated to one of the greatest Slovenian writers, Ivan Cankar. During Slovenian lessons, MYP students participated in many activities, through which they have learnt about his life and work. Students read his story ‘Skodelica kave’ and wrote a thank you note to Cankar’s mother. They created the author’s Facebook page. Students also summarised, recreated and changed the ending in his stories: ‘Pehar suhih hrušk’, ‘Mater je zatajil’ in ‘Enajsta šola’. They thought about the relationship he had with the people in his life and, based on his works, tried to determine the values that were important to him. They also compared Cankar’s childhood to theirs. At the MYP plenary they listened to his story ‘Pehar suhih hrušk’ in English and wrote or drew down their thoughts.

Tina Frelih