Cultural Week – Ivan Cankar

This year’s culture week between the 11th and the 16th of October was dedicated to one of the greatest Slovenian writers, Ivan Cankar. PYP students participated in many activities, through which they learnt about his life and work.
1M students dedicated their art lessons to Ivan Cankar during this week. 1M students did not know much about him so they first tried to get to know him better: who he was, when and where was he born, when did he die, what did he look like. Afterwards, first graders got to draw him. After drawing the first sketch with pencils, students were excited to use ink as well.
2M took a look at some pictures of Cankar and then wrote a description of the author.
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Curriculum Night

On Thursday, 18th October, the PYP and MYP gave presentations to parents about different features and aspects of the IB Philosophy, while the kindergarten had their own presentations in their classrooms. Each grade guided us through the whole variety of the curriculum. Including formative and summative assessment as well as key concepts, which help learners develop their inquiring minds through global interactions, relationships and identity, to name but a few. ATL skills, incorporating social skills and communication skills, were also played out, while the importance of learner profile attributes, for example, being principled and knowledgeable were highlighted too. Parents appeared to be very impressed by what they saw.

Note from the Headmistress

Dear friends of Danila Kumar International School and respectful friends of culture!

It was a privilege for me that our time was shared during Tuesday evening’s theatre performance and I hope you enjoyed the play as much as I did.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Mojca Mihelič, School Principal

The Day of Danila Kumar -“The Fearless Researcher Marie Curie and Radioactivity” (Neustrašljiva raziskovalka Marie Curie in radioaktivnost)

Our school acquired its name from the young Slovenian resistance member Danila Kumar, who lived in our school’s neighbourhood and was brutally killed in the Second World War. She was born on 13 October and that is why this day is the Day of Our School.
We commemorated this event, with a performance “The Fearless Researcher Marie Curie and Radioactivity” (Neustrašljiva raziskovalka Marie Curie in radioaktivnost), on Tuesday, 16 October.
The performance gave the audience insight about the scientist’s life and achievements as well as being very entertaining.

Danila Kumar with the poet Karel Destovnik Kajuh, photo taken in 1943, both were killed in 1944.
A Photo from the performance.

Ms. Irena Šteblaj

Science Day 5M – The Solar System

Grade 5 students had a science day on Thursday, October 11. The students had workshops organised in school as part of their work in the current Unit of Inquiry. They had to find out what a scale is and how to use it in real life. They had to convert the radius of all planets from kilometres into centimetres, according to different scales. Later on they had to decide which scale was the best to make their own planets, cut them out (using their scale), put them in order from the Sun and choose the right scale for the distance. The highlight of the day was the exhibition in the hallway, where they put planets in order. The students were really proud of their work!
Zala Klopčič

1M School Museum Visit

On Monday, 8th October, grade 1 students visited the School Museum in Ljubljana. They got the opportunity to experience a lesson in a century old classroom with a teacher from the past. After the visit they decided that it was nice to take a trip into the past but grade 1 students still prefer life nowadays.
Klavdija Čuk

Soccer Academy Coach Visit

Christian Miccono came to visit us again. He shared his knowledge and experience with coaches and players. It was a very pleasant and useful visit. This was another step in the direction of putting our players/students at the centre of training and to make it joyful so they will enjoy playing football.
Denis Divjak

8I Shakespeare Sonnet Recital

On Tuesday, 9th October, during their Language & Literature lesson, Each 8I Student recited one of two Shakespeare sonnets expressing contrasting visions of love. Each student performed with grace and maturity, while presenting Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 130, allowing us to witness their true characters. It was a real pleasure to observe the students enjoying the art of poetry recital and showing great respect for the prose.

The IB Global Conference

Ms. Mojca Mihelic, the headmistress of our school and Ms. Irena Steblaj, the head of the International Department attended the IB Global Conference, which was especially informative and relevant this year, as the IBO is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
Ms. Irena Steblaj

MYP Cultural Day – Cerknica Lake & Križna Cave

On the 4th of October the whole MYP department had a Cultural Day. We visited the Križna cave and the Disappearing lake of Cerknica. It was a lovely day that allowed the students to get a glimpse of the Carst region of Slovenia.
Mr Klemen Strmljan

Sign Language Workshops

Our PYP and MYP students participated in a British Sign language workshop led by Ms Mojca Williams. The workshop was part of commemorating the European day of Languages, which was on the 26th of September. Students practised signing the alphabet and some words. They were learning how to sign a song without singing and how to introduce themselves in sign language. It was an interesting and challenging experience for most of the students.
Lidija Janeš

The Day of Danila Kumar

Our school got its name from the young Slovenian resistance member Danila Kumar, who lived in our school’s neighbourhood and was brutally killed in the Second World War. She was born on 13 October and that is why this day is the Day of Our School.
To celebrate this event, we will organise a performance “The Fearless Researcher Marie Curie and Radioactivity” (Neustrašljiva raziskovalka Marie Curie in radioaktivnost), which is appropriate for all members of our school community, on Tuesday, 16 October, at 18.00 in the Smelt Auditorium, Dunajska 160.
All members of our school community are welcome. The ticket costs 6 EUR. When we receive the application, we will give the tickets to students. Our school will send you the invoice by mail. read more…

The International Sport and Social Event “Play with Me”, 28th September 2018

On Friday, 28th September 2018 ten students from the International and National department of our School participated in the Festival “Play with me”, which was organised by The Special Education Centre Janez Levec Ljubljana and the Association
of Inclusive Culture.
All the activities in the Festival gathered a great number of participating schools, institutions, non-governmental organisations and individuals. The event was mainly dedicated to children and youngsters, especially those with special needs. Due to ignorance, our society is still full of prejudices which believe that people with special needs are incompetent and different, as opposed to having great qualities and similarities with everyone. The event offered a unique opportunity of bringing one another closer together, regardless of age, education and other specifics. Our students showed a very respectful attitude towards children with special needs, and played and cooperated together in different games and activities. We all had a really wonderful day together. Great job!
Maja Majnik

The European Day of Languages

Language skills are a necessity and a right for EVERYONE – this is one of the main messages of the European Day of Languages, which is celebrated on 26th September.

In the past two weeks, all of our students participated in various activities organised to commemorate the European Day of Languages. They illustrated in how many different tongues we speak amongst ourselves on the map of the world, entitled: Many languages, one world.

Students were exploring about story titles and character names of famous stories, listened to songs in multiple languages, shared common phrases in the different vernaculars we speak, discovered registers which were spoken by some famous people and translated their biographies into various counties’ alphabets.

The students’ work can be seen in the school hallways.

Katarina Lovenjak

Reading Under the Trees

8M read Shakespeare’s sonnets under the beautiful sun in our green playground as part of our first unit.
We had a lot of fun reading, employing different expressions and voices.
Mateja Kores

The Social Event

On Saturday 22nd September, The social Event at Danila Kumar International School took place. Irena Šteblaj, the headmistress, opened the occasion with a short address, followed by dancing and singing from the PYP. Continuing afterwards in the small gym was Karaoke and dancing for all who were interested, while in the dome sports activities were taking place, and, in addition Mr Klemen was organising a basketball game outside. Meanwhile in the dining room students were having fun doing art activities, while the parents had a chance to meet and chat over a cake and coffee. In the library students and parents had a chance to unwind and read a book together.
Ben Magnay

Notification for Parents!

Because of the large amount of lost and found objects, they will be kept at reception for 30 days, then they will be stored and can be inspected every Thursday between 17.00 – 18.00 (only by arranged appointment)!
Thank you for your understanding.

European Mobility Week

At Danila Kumar International School, the week of 16th to 22nd September was dedicated to mobility, moving, sports and the promotion of sustainable means of transport.
The PYP & MYP students had plenary sessions with the dancers of Kazina who taught them the Mamma Mia dance, which was performed in the streets by many Slovenian students. They also had singing and dancing lessons, sports day and on Saturday 22nd, during the Social Event, there were lots of sports games, line dancing and singing. We will keep on dancing and moving throughout the year!
Katarina Čepič