Combined Final Event

On Friday, 22nd June the school year was celebrated with the combined Final Event of both national and international departments of OŠ Danile Kumar. Following the Slovenian National Anthem, to celebrate Statehood Day on 25th June, there were many poem recitals, ballet performances as well as musical and dance acts for the audience of teachers and students to enjoy. The event encapsulated what a successful year it has been for the school.

WSC – Day 7, Kuala Lumpur

We enjoyed a few interesting trips today. First, we visited Putrajaya, then we continued with the Petronas Twin Towers. Our day ended with yet another super successful WSC Cultural fair, which was put on by our students.
WSC Team

K1 & K2 Science Day

PYP Sports Day – Atlantis

Our PYP students went on a final sports day. They enjoyed different activities in the pool and in the Adventure park.
Denis Divjak

The Final Event

Tuesday, 19th June saw the denouement at Danila Kumar International School, the Final Event. Each grade gave their own unique take on what the year meant to them, with a variety of nuanced performances. Some read poems, while others danced and sang. Along with these fine performances, there were also accompaniments including the melodic choir and vocal groups, the thunderous drummers and a short French comedy play. In addition, awards were given to the winners of the Moro Foundation contest.The event was held together with grace and finesse by the two wonderful presenters, and the audience was full of praise and adulation for everyone on stage.

WSC – Day 5, Kuala Lumpur

Today, our scholars participated in two crucial events in the global round. First, they tried their best in collaborative writing and later in the afternoon they were trying to coax the judges in the team debates. The first impressions and results are very promising. More about this will follow.
WSC Team


Each year the MORO foundation organizes a contest in which students can use their creativity  to create a product in connection with a certain topic. This year the topic was healthy lifestyle  and the key word was balance. The students from 1-8 m competed in the following categories:

1M and 2M – cartoon or a picture book about healthy lifestyle do’s and don’ts

3M and 4M – a poem or creative story about the effects of healthy eating and sleeping habits

5M and 6M – infographic about healthy lifestyle

7M and 8M – drama script – skit-  about a positive mind-set


Some of the products received were of really good quality and, thus, we have chosen the following winners:

  • 3m – Yury Chumakov (story)
  • 4m – Tuana Kiliçaslan (story)
  • 7i – Yang Yichen (skit)
  • 6m – Levente Pártos (infographic) – award for participation

We congratulate all participants who took part!

Katarina Čepič, Tea Jelnikar, Poli Hočevar

6 & 7M & I Sports Day – Ultimate Frizbee

On Friday, 15th June, 6th and 7th grade students had a sports day: Ultimate Frizbee. They learnt about the  techniques and tactics of the game and the played some matches.
Mateja Pompe

WSC – Day 4, Kuala Lumpur

The competition has finally begun. After breakfast we hurried to the convention centre, where we enjoyed the opening ceremony of the biggest WSC global round ever. More than 4000 students from all over the world are participating this year. After lunch, the traditional “Scavenger Hunt” began, where students formed new friendships. The day ended in one of the most memorable places so far: the Sunset Lagoon.
WSC Team

8M Farewell

On Friday, 15th June, the school said goodbye to 8M for the last time. They have come to the end of one chapter, now it’s time to embark on the next. We wish them good luck in their future endeavours.

WSC – Day 3, Kuala Lumpur

Today we had a great adventure. Early in the morning we departed for the jungle, where we went on a hiking trip to an amazing waterfall. There we swam and ate lunch beneath the treetops. After we returned, we jumped into a pool and finally ate dinner. Tomorrow the real competition starts, that’s why we went to bed early.
WSC Team

WSC – Day 2, Kuala Lumpur

In the morning we were already practicing for our competition. The students did an amazing job. After lunch, we visited a breathtaking aquarium near the Petronas Towers. In the evening, we also practiced for the debates.
With regards, WSC team

DKSA Play Day

On 11th June some of our DKSA players came to a Playing day in Dol. All of them had lots of fun.
Denis Divjak

K1 Splash Party

As part of their unit of inquiry: Sharing the planet, K1 children had a Splash Party at school.
Marija Rus