4M – Ancient Emona

On Friday, 1 June, Grade 4 students visited the City Museum of Ljubljana to find out more about, and to experience what life was like in, Emona, The ancient Roman name for Ljubljana. The students were keen on finding out more about Romans and their lifestyles and took a trail tracing the old heritage of Emona.
Klavdija Čuk

Kindergarten Cross Country

K1 & K2 took part in the Spring Cross Country Run together with other Slovenian children at Hipodrom Stožice on Wednesday, 30th May 2018. One of our students achieved second place. Congratulations!
Marija Rus

Kindergarten Science Day

Kindergarten students had a guided Science Day in the Planetarium at school on Monday, 28th May 2018. They showed great curiosity for space and our solar system and asked many interesting questions.
Marija Rus

Water Agent Science Day

On June 28, the PYP students explored how a home water system works. They investigated the supply and drainage systems and conducted some experiments on the ph values in drinking water.
Tina Fürst

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Cooking Competition Zlata Kuhalnica,  23. 5. 2018

Students from the Cooking club took part in the cooking competition Zlata Kuhalnica. They prepared a risotto and rhubarb with vanilla cream. The competition was tough and the judges strict, but they gave their best! Congratulations!
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The Francophone Day in Kranj (18. 5. 2018)

 The students of the Slovene and International Departments visited the Francophone festival in Kranj which hosted around 600 students and distinguished guests such as President Borut Pahor, Her Excellency the Ambassador of the French Embassy and many more. They tried typical French crepes, enjoyed the guided tour of Kranj and participated in the event. This year our singers stole the show with the French Eurovision song, L’oiseau et l’enfant.
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4M Cycling Day

On 24 May our 4m students had a cycling sports day. Students had their bikes checked and then tried two different obstacle courses, in which they showed their cycling skills.
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Likfest Exhibition

Grade 3 students and Zoltan, Pyell and Maria were attending the opening of the Likfest exhibition. They also created mobiles.
Teja Klavs

K1 & 2 Kindergarten Puppets’ Museum Visit

Kindergarten students were invited to have a guided tour in the Ljubljana Puppets’ Museum on Wednesday, 17 May 2018. They enjoyed the visit very much and at the end they could even play with puppets and animate them in a movie.
Marija Rus
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5M Field Trip – Part 2

Today we started the day with some morning exercises, After breakfast we hiked to see the bunkers from WW1 and enjoyed the beautiful views from the mountain. We were also working on the PYP Exhibition and after dinner we tried to light a fire with a firestone. We were successful and we ended our day singing some songs around the fire.
Vanessa Schiemann
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A Trip for ‘Slovenian Gold Readers’ (zlati bralci) of the Slovenian Reading Badge

8m students and students from 9th Grade of the Slovenian department who had received the Slovenian Reading Badge Award every school year and have been at our school since the Primary Years, achieved the Slovenian Gold Reading Badge Award. As a special reward, they went on a trip on 10th May 2018 together with students from other schools from the Ljubljana Bežigrad Region.

First, we visited the Lipica Stud Farm, where they saw the world famous Lipizzaner horses and found out about the history of the Farm and breeding from 16th century until the present day. After, we crossed the border into Italy and visited the beautiful Miramare Castle. We also had a walk in the park by the castle. Finally, we arrived at the seaside town of Grado, known as Sunny Island. Grado used to be a fishing village, but nowadays is better known as a tourist destination, with one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic. We had a look at the Basilica di Sant’ Eufemia, which originates from as early as the 5th century A.D.

We took advantage of the beautiful sunny day and during our free time had a walk in the old town and on the beach, and tasted the delicious ice-cream. All in all, it was a beautiful trip on a beautiful day.
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2M Sports Day

On Thursday, 10th May, our 2M students had a sports day. Students inquired into and discussed about the different types, textures, colours and shapes of balls used in sport. After, they played different ball games. At the end of the day 3M students were invited to play a game against them.
Denis Divjak
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5M Field Trip – Part 1

Even though it was raining, we managed to hike to “Nebesa” (Heaven). During the day we were working on the PYP Exhibition and tried ourselves at archery. We finished our day with some board and social games.
Vanessa Schiemann
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International Day – Šobec

We had  a wonderful and fun day at Šobec. Thank you to the PTA members, to parents, who brought food, and to students and  teachers for the programme and activities. Special thanks to two restaurants ……and Mrs Moro and The Moro foundation, who sponsored the  use of the venue, archery and rafting for students and teachers.  Here is a link to a video: https://youtu.be/4BhvOPmX0KE
Irena Šteblaj

CONGRATULATIONS! 24 Game Competition

Our school hosted the 3rd International Schools of Ljubljana 24 Game competition. The schools participating were The British International School of Ljubljana, Ecole Francais and Danila Kumar International School.
Amongst the 18 competitors our students were very successful.
Tina Fürst
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Trios run

Ljubljana, 5 May 2018

Nine groups of students (3 km run) and three groups of teachers (12 km run) took part in the traditional “RUN OF TRIOS” in the positive, sports and supportive environment of our capital city.   Sunny weather and the beautiful, orderly and green environment of Ljubljana, gave the activity, which emphasized collaboration, help and comradeship, excellent conditions and an elegant backdrop.

All our students and teachers successfully completed this challenge. Our teachers were very comfortable in T-shirts sponsored by The Moro foundation.