Visit from Russia

Four teachers from Alabuga International School, Tatarstan, Russia visited our school this week. They observed lessons and had meetings with our PYP teachers.


Kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students went on a field trip to Kočevje at the beginning of May. We spent a lot of time outside, we visited the Virgin forest, had toasted bread on a real fire, searched for crabs in the river and had a great time with each other.
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3-5M Sports Day – Pot ob žici

On Friday, the 5th of May, 3 to 5th grade students had a sports day on the Pot ob žici – The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship. They walked from Dolgi Most in Vič to School.
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2M Sports Day

On Wednesday, April the 26th, 2.m students had a sports day. The theme of the sports day was different types of sport’s balls and the games these balls are used for. The students played different ball games and also had a lot of fun learning a new game – kickball.

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Ljubljana Cross Country Championship for Elementary Schools

On Monday the 24th of April, some Danila Kumar International School students competed in the Ljubljana Cross Country Championship for Elementary Schools in Tivoli park, along with many students from the national dept.. The students displayed grit, determination and courage in competing in their respective races. Well done!
A full list of results can be viewed here:
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Invitation – Charity Event in support of Heating for the Dome

On Thursday, May 11, there will be a charity event at our school. The contributions gathered will be invested in financing a heating system for the dome which would make it serve as an additional gymnasium all year round.

From 12:00 to 17:00 there will be a small fair of used clothing and handmade items taking place in the entrance area of the school. The items were  made by our students in support of the event.

The main programme will start at 17:00. Members of school choirs and students engaged in other extra-curricular activities, based on dancing and music, will perform to support physical education at our school. Some of them are preparing a special surprise in collaboration with NEISHA, the famous Slovenian pianist and pop singer. The visiting members of the GIB Ljubljana Šiška Sport Association will spice up the event by performing some astonishing gymnastic elements.
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Visit from Zagreb

Seven PYP teachers from Matija Gubec school in Zagreb visited us to observe our routines and lessons. We made plans for common activities for students and teachers.

Excursion for Gold Readers

On the 19th of April, students from 8th grade who participated in Slovenian reading badge during their time at Danila Kumar International school went on an excursion with their national peers.

They visited the stud farm at Lipica, Grado – the old fisherman’s village and Miramare castle.

The event was nice, educating and enjoyable.
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Challenge of Inquiry – Day 2

On the 20th of April, students from 3.m,  4.m and 5.m took part in the second day of the Challenge of inquiry where they presented what they learnt during one of their units. This time, parents and other visitors found out many interesting things about the weather, energy and probability. The event was informative and enjoyable.
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Challenge of Inquiry – Day 1

On the 19th of April, students from K2, 1.m and 2.m took part in the Challenge of inquiry where they presented what they learnt during one of their units. Parents and other visitors found out many interesting things about shadow and light, plants and a healthy lifestyle. It was a fun and educational event.
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Cooking Competition “Kuhnapato”

Students from the Slovenian and International Department took part in the “Kuhnapato” cooking competition on the 14th of April, at the Pečarič restaurant. 
They prepared traditional Slovenian dishes. They had a good time and did a great job.

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1M Science Day

On Tuesday, April 11th, we had a science day in 1.m. We turned into scientists and followed the process of research method when learning about plants. It was fantastic!

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From IB (International Baccalaureate) Philosophy to Realisation in Practice

Between 6th – 8th April 2017,  two of our teachers/librarians, dr. sc. Lidija Janeš and Leopoldina Poli H. Eve, attended the 29th Summer School of the Croatian School Librarians in Trogir, Croatia. The Conference was a success – informative, very valuable and attended by international speakers. Participants were also able to exchange views, ideas, practices and strengthen co-operation. Our Teachers/Librarians gave a plenary lecture on the IB Philosophy, and its realisation in Practice. The lecture was a great success and very well received.


On Tuesday the 4th of April, the MYP students had a treat, a musical cultural day in the magnificent Gallus Hall of Cankarjev Dom. The RTV Symphony Orchestra gave a selection of music transcending genres entitled, “From Baroque to Musical Comedy”. Beforehand, the students had workshops on concert etiquette, in which they prepared posters, rubrics, comics and short plays, to prepare them for their day. The students were enriched by their classical music experience, and gave a rapturous applause at the finale. Congratulations to the orchestra. A fine day!

Soccer Academy Anouncement


The match against ND Bravo, which should have been played next weekend, will be played this Tuesday, 4 April at 17:00 at the sport park Ljubljana (ŽAK). If you choose not to participate in the game, you can leave your child in training, which will be held at the school according to the regular schedule: 15:30 to 17:00 under the guidance of the coach Uroš. For information on the Soccer Academy go to the Soccer Academy page.

Kind regards,
Alen Grbec

Digital Dementia Presentation

The Digital Dementia presentation on Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th of March at 16:00, will be in the auditorium and not in the homeroom classes.

Community Project Presentations

Last week grade 8 students successfully finished their community projects and presented their work to other MYP students, teachers and parents. The process lasted for a few months and the students investigated the various needs of the community and tried to make a difference with their actions (raising awareness, organizing workshops, organizing collapsed days, interviews, lessons, etc.). Congratulations to all students. We were impressed!
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