3M The Pre-colonised World

Students of 3m, have been very creative, exploring the lands of the pre-colonised world. They made a ‘pop-up’ drawing, using their drawing skills and imagination.

5M Endangered and Extinct Animals

Students of 5m, have been practising drawing animals, as their Unit 2 is about endangered and extinct animals. This time, they were practising drawing with ink.

MYP Art Workshop

Students of MYP had an art workshop, in preparation for Pionirski Dom’s competition. LIKFest is held every year amongst all the primary schools of Ljubljana. This year, the art motive was: a landscape. Our students had to create a three-dimensional imaginary landscape. Here are the artworks, which are well done and will be entered into the competition!
All students were working well, and it was an active artistic day online.

Online Sports Activities

During online lessons, students participated in various activities connected to health and movement. The activities were dancing, skiing, exercising for cardio endurance, strength, flexibility, rhythm and hand and leg coordination skills. Students were very active and engaged.
Denis Dvjak

MYP Dance Sports Day

On December 21, we had a dance-sports day for MYP. Dance trainers from The Artifex dance studio prepared lots of fun and interesting activities for the students. It was divided into two main parts. We started with a complete body warm-up, followed by a lesson dedicated to feeling the rhythm. In the second part, students practised dance routines, which they presented at the end of the sports day. There were five routines – one for each grade, a slightly easier one and another for experienced dancers. We gave our performances at the end of the sports day where the students presented some really great dancing skills.

K1 & K2 Christmas Party

We organized a very nice online Christmas Party for the kindergarten students and their families on Tuesday morning, December 22nd. There were a lot of funny games going on and singing Christmas songs. Everybody enjoyed it very much!

1M Art pieces

It is the time of the year when we usually look back and think about things and people around us, what we achieved, and if we reached our goals. Students in first grade were thinking about what they are grateful for and that it doesn’t cost any money. They included so many little and some big things into their collages: from flowers, their family members, cats, toys, playing time with siblings, music and carrots and that they can spend some time with grandparents, plane rides to their home town, Christmas trees, presents and Christmas itself.
Klavdija Čuk

Independence and Unity Day

Dear Students and Parents,
With the joyful holiday season just around the corner; this time of year has a special place in our hearts. Thirty years ago, Slovenians decided they would like to live in independence, thus severing the country. The referendum took place on December 23rd, 1990, and 95% of the voters favoured the establishment of an independent and sovereign nation. The following year, the Republic of Slovenia was born. To honour this important historic decision, we commemorate the official proclamation of the Slovenian independence referendum, and we celebrate Independence and Unity Day every year on December 26th.
We will pay respect to the national holiday on Thursday, December 24th, at 11:00 am CET. Hence, we are kindly inviting you to a short online celebration, and you will receive a link in the following days.
Best wishes,
Klemen Strmljan
Head of International Department

Kindergarten Sports Day

On Thursday, December 17th, our Kindergarten students participated in a sports day. First, they warmed up with a dance. Then they “wrote” their name by doing a specific exercise for each letter. They also had a lot of fun overcoming an obstacle course, playing basketball and a Scavenger hunt with toys at home.

MYP Plenary – Dance

Last week, MYP students concluded a 3-week long Plenary unit on Dance. They investigated the history of Dance and its different purposes, researched and presented traditional dances from their home countries and created a dance of their own or danced to a traditional song of their choice. We used different web platforms to engage them, namely Teams, Prezi, Edpuzzle and Padlet and promoted peer-comment and assessment in this way, as well.
They had a lot of fun, it seemed, so we hope to do a similar activity soon, but this time preferably in person.

Kindergarten Science Day

​On Monday, December 7th, the Kindergarten students experienced a virtual visit of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. They “went” on a Scavenger hunt and looked for different animals and other artifacts. They also learned about fossils and the pre-historic man.
The most interesting task was probably making their own natural history museum by using their toys at home. They accomplished this exceptionally well, and the teachers are very proud of them!

PYP Curriculum Night

Dear Parents,
We are inviting you to the PYP Curriculum Night held on Thursday, December 17, at 4:00 pm. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the IB elements and philosophy.
The meeting will be conducted via MS Teams, and the home-room teachers will add your email addresses to their MS Teams, then you will be able to join.
Your participation is warmly welcome.

7M & 8M Design

At design lessons, students of 7m and 8m, were instructed to design the school’s Design and Art classroom, including a workshop. For the task, they used SweetHome3D free open source app. Here are some of their designs.
Saša Krapež

PYP Sports Day

We received a lot of delightful and pleasant feedback from the students, as well as their reflections from Friday, December 4. Here are some of them from 1m, 2m and 3m.

Christmas Market 2020

Dear Parents,
The holiday season is the time for our annual charity CHRISTMAS MARKET. Children are welcome to bring their arts and crafts to school (there will be a collection box) by WEDNESDAY, December 16th. You will be able to pick up your small or big PARCEL OF SURPRISE and donate a suggested sum of (3€ or 5€) from FRIDAY, December 18th to WEDNESDAY, December 23rd, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.
Students will receive additional instructions from their home-room teachers and our art teacher Ms Anja Podreka.
Please, do not forget to check our website for the latest goings-on at the school.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season!
Danila Kumar International School

8I & 8M – Sonnets

On Thursday, 3rd December, students of 8i and 8m took part in a poetry recital via Teams in which they presented their love sonnets. The date of their recital conveniently coincided with the anniversary of the birth of Slovenia’s most famous poet – France Prešeren – What better day to celebrate the art of poetry than that! Students spent almost two weeks perfecting their poems as well as practising for the performance, and they truly created outstanding sonnets. They took a professional approach when reciting the poetry and presented their work with enthusiasm and emotion. We are sharing a few of the sonnets with you today, and we hope you will enjoy reading them just as much as we did.
Tina Frelih & Anja Dežman

Kindergarten – Happy December

Online learning hasn’t stopped Kindergarten students, parents and teachers celebrating the month of December, which is a special time for the Kindergarten students every year.
We have started the month with activities such as singing Christmas carols, making Christmas tree ornaments, painting Rudolf, listening to stories and discussing various family Christmas traditions.
Special thanks go to all the parents who have been supporting and helping their children when they can not work independently, especially when reading through daily tasks and logging in on video calls.

5M Extinct and endangered animals

Students of 5m are studying the realistic drawing of animals which connects to Unit 2 – The exploration of extinct and endangered animals.
They are learning how to draw animals, using textures, values and specific drawing skills.
Anja Podreka

4M Stories come in different forms

​Students of 4m are learning how to draw illustrations, in the frame of Unit 2 – Stories come in different forms.
Here are their drawings of legends and favourite fairytale characters.
Anja Podreka