MYP 3 Community Project Collapsed Day

On Tuesday, 20th September, MYP 3 students had a collapsed day. They were working on the initial stages of their Community Project. They worked well on the proposals, made connections with the chosen community and touched base with all the requirements that need to be met to successfully pass the Project, which is an MYP 3 requirement. 
We are looking forward to the steps that follow and are confident that their work will culminate in excellent presentations in December. 
Ms Mateja Kores
Community Project Coordinator

National Month of Shared Reading 

We would like to invite the school community to join the National Month of Shared Reading campaign, which will take place from September 8, 2022, on. Activities that take place under the motto ‘Let’s read together’ are the link between reading and movement. The organizers want to connect reading and exercise as much as possible, as both have a stimulating effect on the development and formation of a healthy lifestyle and skills, quality leisure time, the formation of a creative personality and a positive attitude towards reading and exercise. Their website also includes suggestions for various activities for schools, children, young people, families… Our students have already participated in one of their activities – Library under the treetops.  
For those of you who speak Slovenian, we recommend the following website, where you can find activities to encourage reading:

Tina Frelih

PYP Day of Internationalism

On Tuesday, 13 September, KG and PYP students had a day devoted to Internationalism. They began their collapsed day lessons by introducing their classmates to parts of their nationality and culture which they brought to school with them. Learning about other cultures – being open-minded, caring, principled, reflective, risk-taker, thinker, communicator … – was a great starting point to recognise, use and learn about learning profiles, which will continue to be an integral part of this school year.
Sara Štrancar
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