Procedures & Routines

Student self-testing

In the school year 2022-2023 students will be self-testing at home if they exhibit Covid-19
symptoms after being in contact with an infected person.
With the worsening of the epidemiological situation self-testing is recommended for students once
per week. In case of Covid-19 symptom occurrence, the paediatrician or family doctor must be
In case of a negative self-testing result, there are no further measures. Only healthy students
without any symptoms can participate in educational processes in schools.
In case of a positive self-testing result, the following steps must be undertaken:
– The parent/guardian informs the pediatrician/family doctor of the positive result, who will
refer the student to an official testing facility to confirm the infection;
– the student stays at home until the results of the official test are confirmed;
– if the result is negative, there are no further measures. The student returns to school
provided they have no symptoms;
– if the result is positive, the pediatrician/family doctor must be informed, who will order the
prescribed isolation. We kindly ask parents to inform the school (
in the case of a positive test result.

Tests for self-testing

The Ministry of Health will provide each student with 10 test kits per month. The tests can be picked up
at any pharmacy by the student, their parents, or legal guardians, with the student’s health insurance
card. Foreign citizens, who do not have a Slovenian health insurance card, can show their certificate of
enrolment at Danila Kumar International School and their ID card/passport. The tests will be available
from 29th August at any pharmacy. If the epidemiological situation worsens, the number of tests
available per month will be adjusted according to demand. If you have any tests left from the previous
school year, we kindly encourage you to use those first.
Any further information, guidelines or measures will be given when needed in order to ensure a safe
working and learning environment.

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