Central ideas and learning objectives for the 2020/21 PYP units of inquiry are shown below. Each UoI will be added when it is started.

  UoI 1 UoI 2 UoI 3 UoI 4 UoI 5 UoI 6
K1 Who we are, gives us our identity Organisation affects daily life Manners affect others Marine wildlife impacts the balance of ecosystems  N/A  N/A
K2 Families are different We express ourselves through music in unique ways Various sources of light reveal things in different ways A shared habitat is a constantly changing environment which, affects the needs of people and animals    
1m Being part of the school community brings different responsibilities My physical and mental characteristics make me who I am Traditions and celebrations show similarities and differences between cultures We express ourselves using our thoughts and ideas in many different ways Sharing Earth with plants brings responsibilities to people  
2m Working together, we can make a difference in our class community The way people communicate evolves over time The choices we make influence our health in different ways People express feelings and ideas through arts in various ways Different ecosystems build up the natural world  
3m In various situations, we work and communicate differently Exploration leads to discoveries, opportunities, and new
The design of buildings and structures is dependent upon the
environment and available materials
Weather conditions impact people’s lives Individual perception of the world influences ones thinking  
4m The conservation of forests balances ecosystems Stories come in different forms Earth provides energy for different uses Beliefs, values and cultures have an impact on who we are as individuals Transportation systems around the world affect our lives in different ways  
5m Diverse planet habitats offer different opportunities for hosting life There are many ways to conserve animals There are different ways of interpreting how humans have evolved over time Our bodies react in different ways to external and internal influences My weaknesses become my strengths  


Collapsed Days, Excursions and Special Events
Running throughout the school year, our PYP programme also includes transdiciplinary in-class and excursion-based science, cultural and sport activities, which are organised to complement the student’s inquiries, promote and develop our school community, and introduce novel and interesting experiences.
PYP Exhibition
The PYP Exhibition is held in the last quarter of the school year. It is the culmination of all the skills and working attitudes that have been developed by students of Grade 5. Students are required to inquire, research and report their findings. The PYP Exhibition Guidelines give students and parents information on the processes and outcomes of this project work and will be available here shortly.