Active Sports Days – GIB Centre

On Wednesday the 21st of June, all the PYP and MYP students that were actively involved in the Active days project were rewarded with a trip to the GIB centre. Students had different sport activities which they enjoyed a  lot.

The Final Event

On the 21st of June, the Final Event was held for the international department. Each grade from kindergarten to 7M, summed up what the school year meant  to them through a variety of different performances, including rap battles and nursery rhymes, to name but a few. The show got under way with drummers from the extracurricular activity, was interspersed with modern dance performances and a trumpet solo, with the denouement being a song by the choir. There were also awards given for the Moro contest: Noise Pollution winners.

Valeta & Farewell to Grade 8 Students

On Wednesday, 14 June, 30 grade 8 students celebrated the end of an era with their parents and teachers at Valeta.

Thursday, 15 June 2017 was their last day at Danila Kumar International School. This was the biggest generation finishing their education at our school ever. Our kindergarten and grade 1 students escorted them from our school with singing and greetings.
We wish them a lot of success and happiness in the future!