3M Science Day

The 3M students started their school week with a science day. They were involved in interesting experiments connected to our unit about weather. The pupils learnt a lot and enjoyed themselves greatly.
Kaja Ričnik

K2 Students are Learning Online

We are very proud of our youngest students who have been working really hard on the K2 UOI about Shadow and light. They have been conducting a lot of experiments indoors and outdoors, as well as creating art, exercising, reading stories and practicing writing. We would like to thank their parents for working with them.
Ms Poli and Ms Sonja

A Message Regarding Collapsed Days

Dear parents,

I have already informed you that we will start launching the planned collapsed days online this week:

  • Grade 3 had Science Day: Weather, yesterday,
  • Grade 4 will have Science Day: Challenge of Inquiry,  today
  • Grade 2 will have Science Day: Well Being, on Thursday, 2 April
  • All MYP classes will have Cultural Day: Ballet, on Thursday, 2 April
  • Grade 5 will have Science day: Krapina – Neandertals, on Friday, 3 April
  • Grade 1 will have Cultural Day: Books, on Monday, 6 April

The students will not have any other lessons according to their timetables on these days.

The PYP students will receive e-mails with instructions from their homeroom teachers and the MYP students will find the instructions on the OneNote platform in their class notebooks, under the Collapsed days section.

Some students still do not do their work on a regular basis. I would like to ask their parents to make sure they organise their day and work so as to complete the tasks and honour the deadlines. Keeping a learning log, recording time and achievements may support their learning process.

It would be a good idea to start an individual or a family journal/diary/photo album for the days in isolation and to record this unusual situation. Take time to document the events, feelings, issues, in different ways to recollect this part of history, later in life.

Take care,

Irena Steblaj

1M Online Schooling Reflection

At the end of our second week of online learning the 1M pupils reflected on the positive aspects of this type of schooling. They are, on the whole, motivated and working hard at home, however, they miss their classmates, playtime and each others company.
Klavdija Čuk

A Message to Start the Week

Dear parents,

One of the key preventive measures to prevent the spreading of coronavirus is the limitation of social contact, consequently, the majority of public institutions will stay closed until 17 April at the earliest, among these are all schools.

That being so, we will continue with online learning for at least three more weeks. We have been improving our online learning process following your feedback and the feedback of our students and teachers. This week we will start introducing the collapsed days which have been planned for this period. This will help change the dynamic as well as add variety to the programme along with making it more interesting and enjoyable for our students.

On behalf of our team – thank you for your support and help in the learning process. I reserve a special thank you and gratitude for those who are keeping all the important services running smoothly, especially nurses, doctors, volunteers and others who are helping the ill and people most vulnerable.

As the average incubation period for coronavirus is 5 days and most people get ill within 11.5 days, as well as the fact that we have been away from school and in isolation for 17 days, gives me hope that nobody from our school will become infected and ill.

Stay at home, follow the preventive measures and, thus, help stop the virus and make work easier for the people who are exposed to the dangers while working for us!

Best wishes,

Irena Steblaj