4 & 5M Science Day – Bistra

On Friday, April 26th, 4M students and half of the 5M class visited the museum in Bistra. The pupils got to know timeworn occupations and were also able to see two collections of cars used in the past, including the former Yugoslavian president’s priceless Rolls Royce.
Aja Komel

Moro Foundation Contest 2019,  “No Bees, No Life”

On Wednesday the 24th April, students from both national and international departments participated in an annual contest organised by the Moro Foundation. The pupils had the opportunity to be creative by writing different types of poems on the topic of our most important animal species, bees. Students from 1st and 2nd grade were creating picture poems, 3rd and 4th acrostic poems, 5th and 6th haikus and 7th, 8th and 9th graders created poems of their choice. The winners will be announced after the holidays. We would like to thank all students for participating and the Moro Foundation for organising the event.
Leopoldina Poli Hočevar Eve, Tina Frelih and Tjaša Fritsch Križaj

2M Sports Day

On Friday, 26th April, 2M had a sports day. We dedicated the day to endurance activities, a healthy lifestyle and positive attitudes towards physical activities.
Teja Klavs