2M Cultural Day – The National Gallery

On Wednesday, 31st January, the students of 2M went to the National Gallery for a guided tour. Beforehand, they were reminded to be quiet, and to not touch anything, so as not to awake Gal the dwarf, who, if awoken, might get very angry. During the tour, The students learnt about many stories behind the works of art: Stories including Castles, princesses, unicorns and dragons. All attendees were thoroughly intrigued and enlightened by their National Gallery experience. (more…)

5M Cultural Day – Stress

On Monday, 30th January, 5M students had a cultural day in school.
Their work was focused on analysing how MYP students deal with stress, the consequences, and what they do to deal with it. The students worked hard, enjoyed the day, had fun and learnt a lot.
Zala Klopčič

4M Science Day – Energy

On Monday, January 29th, grade 4 had a science day. It was connected to our unit about Energy. We conducted different experiments and tried our best to prove that we can produce energy from different energy sources. It was very challenging but we learnt a lot as well as having fun.
​Grade 4 students and Ms Klavdija​



On Monday, 29th January, the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič held a reception to honor students who achieved outstanding results at international competitions in the year 2017. We are proud that five of our students, and former students, who took part in the Global round Hanoi and/or Tournament of Champions at Yale were invited to attend the ceremony at Congress Centre, Brdo, Kranj.
Find out more at: http://foto.sta.si/sprejemmentorjimladi  (more…)

National Handwriting Day

January 23rd was National Handwriting Day. Students from grades 2M to 5M marked this day with a short workshop on the importance of handwriting. Two representatives from The Slovenian International Ladies’ Association (SILA) participated in the workshop and shared with us some specifics of learning and using the French alphabet. The students practised the correct posture for writing, learnt a useful trick for holding a pen correctly and created a poster on which they wrote a short greeting in their respective languages. The workshop made us appreciate the role handwriting has in the cultural diversity of our community and in the uniqueness of each individual. (more…)