4M – Herbariums of Leaves

On Monday, 20 September, 4M had a Science Day – Herbarium of leaves. First, students worked on research skills and tried using the identification Tree key. Then, based on their leaves, they found the names of the trees to which the leaves belong. For each leaf, they wrote the name of the leaf’s tree, location, date, and type. They also designed a table of contents and front page and developed their organization skills. All groups proved that they have good social skills and that they know how to divide work equally. Their results can be seen here.

PYP – Sports Day

On Friday, 29 September, our PYP and KG students had a sports day. They participated in various activities such as rollerblading, skikeing and roller skateing. They had lots of fun.

3M – Library Under the Trees

In the first couple of weeks of September, PYP 2, 3 and 4 students participated in the “Library Under the Trees” programme. They dedicated at least one lesson to individual or class reading in the playground.
They all had a lot of fun.

MYP – Sports Day – Sv. Jošt

On Thursday, 23 September, MYP students hiked their way up to ‘Sveti Jošt above Kranj’, and we were fortunate enough to have ideal weather. We had a beautiful day and returned to school happy and slightly tired.

A documentary featuring Covid-19 patients by Mitja Okorna

Dear DKIS community,
The Covid-19 epidemic has deeply touched the daily life of individuals and society and has directly affected us for the last year and a half.
With the desire to raise awareness about the disease, the world-renowned Slovenian director Mitja Okorn has produced a documentary film. He shows the characteristics of this viral disease through conversations with patients, their loved ones and medical staff.
You are kindly invited to view the trailer (click here).