The European Day of Languages

Language skills are a necessity and a right for EVERYONE – this is one of the main messages of the European Day of Languages, which is celebrated on 26th September.

In the past two weeks, all of our students participated in various activities organised to commemorate the European Day of Languages. They illustrated in how many different tongues we speak amongst ourselves on the map of the world, entitled: Many languages, one world.

Students were exploring about story titles and character names of famous stories, listened to songs in multiple languages, shared common phrases in the different vernaculars we speak, discovered registers which were spoken by some famous people and translated their biographies into various counties’ alphabets.

The students’ work can be seen in the school hallways.

Katarina Lovenjak

Reading Under the Trees

8M read Shakespeare’s sonnets under the beautiful sun in our green playground as part of our first unit.
We had a lot of fun reading, employing different expressions and voices.
Mateja Kores