Puzzle Endurance

At the beginning of December, 4m and 5m received an early present from the parents. A Christmas puzzle, but it was no ordinary puzzle. There were two puzzles in one box, each puzzle was 1000 pieces, and to make the situation even more complicated, only one puzzle came with a picture, and the other without!
Somehow these two puzzles got mixed up! It was a real brain teaser. So we were left with a pile of 2000 pieces and only one picture! There were no other clues and no other help, just endurance!
Nevertheless, we got stuck into it, and finally, on Thursday, 23 December at precisely 3.43 pm, we placed the last piece down!
It was a month-long adventure filled with fun, joy, desperation, hesitation, care, responsibility and everything else that makes quality time in the afternoon program!
Happy holidays from AP4 and AP5!

Christmas and Sustainability – Collapsed Day

On Thursday, 23 December, we had a collapsed day about sustainability and our lifestyle. We investigated the current situation and the state of the planet, and we can see we do not have much time left.
We need to protect our natural spaces, become more aware as consumers (choose “green,” local and, overall, purchase less). An expert from the University of Ljubljana confirmed that the latest studies show that the personal change of habits is the key to keeping the stability of our planet.
We created class and personal new year resolutions. You are welcome to view them, and please add some of your own. Slowly but surely, we will get there together 🙂
Ms Maja K and Ms Katarina


Debate Competition

On Wednesday, 22 December, we organized a debate competition. Four teams from both the international and national departments clashed over a pre-set and impromptu motion. Again, students showed their knowledge, enthusiasm and impressive debating skills.
All teams did an excellent job, and the final results showed just how close the teams were according to their scores. The winning team of this year’s Christmas themed debate was team 1: Maria Safro, Polina Abramenkova and Sofiia Myroniuk.
After the competition, we gathered for a cup of warm cocoa and some treats.
Mr Simon Zoretič Gajser, Ms Anja Dežman and Ms Tina Frelih

1M – Sports Day

On Wednesday, 22 December, Grade 1 students had a Sports Day. They enjoyed various games where they had to work together and communicate properly. All the students said they had a great time.
Mr Denis Divjak