On Thursday, 21 October, the PYP and KG students celebrated Halloween with a Scary Reading Night and a party.
Students from 7m came to PYP 1 – 5 classrooms (decorated by the parents the day before) and read 3 Halloween-themed stories to the children. The PYP students then decorated the cupcakes provided by the PTA, who also offered pinatas and additional sweets for each class.
The students from both departments enjoyed the cupcakes, the reading and all connected festivities.
A big thank you goes to all the teachers and students who made this happen, as well as to our wonderful PTA.

Bricklaying and Gardening

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 19 and 20 October, various students from the PYP and MYP helped prepare the school garden for the winter and got their hands dirty with some bricklaying. Without a doubt, Yixuan, from 6m, was the main star. If you need any bricklaying advice, don’t hesitate to contact him. The other students who were present observed and nibbled on the freshly picked carrots from our garden.

Autumn Cooking

During the last cooking sessions, our cooking team prepared a seasonal traditional as well a modern vegetarian dish; Apple fritters drizzled with honey and veggie lentil burgers made with vegetables from our school garden. We also managed to bake burger buns and they smelt delicious. Everybody enjoyed the dishes immensely.

K1 & K2 – Children’s Week

In our Kindergarten, we prepared various activities to commemorate Children’s Week. For example, the children prepared smoothies, they had discussions about children and families around the world, they visited the Slovenian National Gallery, they had an outdoor Scavenger Hunt and a Kamishibai performance.