PYP Winter Sports Day

The 23 February saw the annual Winter PYP Sports Day return. Bohinj and Pokljuka were the destinations this year as the Kindergarten, 1, 2 and 3M headed to the latter, while 4 and 5M were treated with the former. The older students alternated between some classic winter sledging fun, and donning the thinner types of skis for some cross country skiing action. Meanwhile, over in Pokljuka, the younger pupils were also sledging, and trying some other winter pursuits: snowshoeing and mono skiing. 


​On Tuesday (Pustni torek) instead of children, the school was full of animals, princesses, robots, and strange creatures from various games, movies, and TV shows.

There were so many interesting costumes, so many creative masks, so many happy faces, …
Therefore, we decided to invite the younger half of the school to the dome, where we threw a dance party.
We had a lot of fun dancing and singing and, hopefully, we managed to scare this year’s winter away.
Živa Skornšek


Last Saturday, February 18th, some of our students attended the Dragon Carnival (Zmajev karneval) in Ljubljana city centre. They presented our school adorning the group mask of Snow White and the dwarfs.

Congratulations to all of the students for their attendance and a lovely performance at the Carnival! 

Živa Skornšek

Talent Show

As part of his Service as Action project, one of our students, Andras from 7M, successfully organised a talent show. Students from both departments were able to apply and join the auditions. The final event took place on 25 January, where a number of students showed off their talents, which included singing, playing instruments, karate, breakdancing and drama. The audience was thrilled and supportive and everyone involved had a lot of fun. Congratulations to all the winners and participants and kudos to the organiser and his mentor for preparing such an enjoyable event.
Tina Frelih