​MYP 3 students created unique sculptures from empty packaging and wire to raise awareness about recycling on Thursday, April 22, when we celebrated international Earth Day. We discussed the importance of environmental art and what privilege (maybe duty) artists have to speak out with important environmental messages for a platform that can reach as many people as possible. Students worked collaboratively and developed skills of communication and teamwork. The artworks are exhibited in the hallway connecting our school buildings 1 and 2.
We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the results of a fruitful collapsed day.
Ms Anja Podreka and Ms Mateja Kores


On Thursday, April 22, we celebrated Earth Day. Our PYP and MYP students participated in some activities connected to it and, in turn, contributed something to our planet.
K1 and K2 students already started weeding and digging, planting seeds and plants in their gardens on Tuesday and continued throughout the week. They also listened to stories about how to be caring toward our planet and also gave some suggestions.
As the whole world celebrated Earth Day, 1m students dedicated some time to our planet, too. We planted our herbs from our indoor garden corner outside, we spend some time under the treetops reading a book connected to the environment, and even a bird came and listened with us. We discussed recycling, took care of our classroom and tidied it during the afternoon programme.
PYP students were running during PE (Environmental Solidarity Run) and donated their kilometres to a good source – to people who have suffered due to the consequences of environmental changes. We pointed out the importance of Earth Day during Slovenian lessons, read a text in Slovenian, and became familiar with a Slovenian ecological poem. Some of the Homeroom lessons this week were connected with cleaning our environment (classrooms, lockers, drawers) and conversations about how small actions can make a difference to our planet.
6m and 7m students took action and went outside with the purpose to clean the school’s surrounding (the area from Bratovševa ploščad to the home for the elderly). 8i and 8m students had a cultural day, and they celebrated Earth Day by focusing on environmental art, recycling, and upcycling.
Thank you all for contributing your good deeds to our unique planet.
Earth Day Every day.
Don’t throw your future away.

PYP – Sports Day

On Wednesday, April 21, all PYP students went hiking to Šmarna Gora. They all enjoyed the hike and were very lucky as they also had sunny weather.

1M – Guest Storyteller

On Friday, April 16, grade 1 hosted a guest. We invited Mrs Tina Starec Klobasa, a teacher from the Slovenian department. She brought her kamishibai and told us a story about a bear who lost his hat. It was almost like being in a theatre. Thank you Mrs Tina for being a part of our current unit about words, stories and communication.

LANGUAGE ACQUISITON – CULTURAL DAY – Fairy Tales and Storytelling

MYP students enjoyed a diverse and active language-based cultural day on Tuesday, April 13. They had workshops that catered to every learning style. From tickling their imagination and visual learning, they were engaged in a stop-motion animation workshop with alternative story endings. You can view their animations here. To satisfy the performers in them, they were able to enjoy a dramatisation of a well known Slovenian folk tale Martin Krpan. Last but not least, we could not let all the hard work go unrewarded, so students prepared some sweet snacks in the cooking workshop, which were inspired by Hensel and Gretel as well as The Three Little Pigs. The language acquisition team is very proud of the students’ products, and we are already looking forward to next year’s topic!