1M – Halloween

This week, it was apparent that something exciting was happening on Wednesday. Instead of students, many witches, skeletons, vampires, mummies, spiders, and other scary creatures attended school. Students prepared for the Halloween party the week before and created various arts and crafts; our sewing circle made Trick or Treat bags. Also, the parents and PTA put immense effort into decorating the classrooms, including Piñatas, not to mention the fantastic Halloween party packed with games, food, and fun. “Trick or Treat” resonated through the school hallways, dome, and auditorium.

Klavdija Čuk

Halloween Cooking

On Tuesday, 25 October we had a Halloween cooking bash. As always, we promoted sustainable cooking – seasonal pumpkins, herbs from the garden, fruit left over from snack, autumn spice- and we created a real autumn feast. 
Katarina Čepič


On Wednesday, 26 October, our students celebrated Halloween with a Scary Reading for the PYP department, a movie for our MYP students, followed by a great party with music, games and delicious food for everyone.
It was a really fun event, enjoyed by everyone – our students as well as teachers and parents.

Thank you all for making this day special, particularly the organizing PTA team.

Poli Hočevar Eve