PYP & MYP Cluster Workshops

The 23rd and 24th of August saw Danila Kumar host teachers from four different schools for IB PYP and MYP cluster workshops. The MYP workshop – Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning – was focused upon facilitating the understanding that subjects are interdependent, because this equates with real life contexts, and allows students to take a glimpse of what their future careers might look like. This is the workshop leader, Dianne Blackburn’s, description of the course. Tomaž and Urška from Gimnazija Bežigrad said that the workshop was beneficial for helping to find solutions to real life situations. While Marta and Barbara from Matija Gubec International School of Zagreb highlighted the usefulness of the course and that it connected people, bringing different ideas and thoughts together.  The PYP Workshop – Concept Based Learning – was directed at aiding the search for facts, connecting and utilising them. This was how Gareth Jacobson, the workshop leader, summarised the course. Sivija and Danijela from Matija Gubec International School of Zagreb mentioned that the course was well organised and provided useful explanations and examples of lines of inquiry, concepts and questions. In addition, Jennifer from the International School of Carinthia commented that the course gave her the opportunity to look at things with fresh eyes and re-evaluate her central ideas and conceptual thinking. The teachers embraced the chance to discuss and share ideas and opinions, along with commencing with common projects together. All involved were thoroughly engaged and took advantage of the opportunity to get well prepared for the new school year.