PYP Science Day – Exploring the Magical & Fun Side of Science

The last day before the holidays, the PYP students had the opportunity to conduct experiments connected to science. They could do detective work and explore the world of forensics and fingerprints, check the effects of pressure difference in physics when extracting a coin form water – keeping their hands dry, and make their very own lava lamp and marvel at its colours and bubble reaction. They also went “Ice fishing” and used baby wipes in a very imaginative way to create art. Here are some photos of their endeavours:
Tanja Fajmut

Enjoy the Holidays!

Dear parents,

Next week we will have the May holidays. Even during these tough times, the outdoors provides a place of refuge and relaxation. Take time to appreciate the beautiful nature, however, think also of safety and social isolation. I am attaching some ideas for indoor and outdoor activities.

I wish you pleasant and safe holidays,

Irena Šteblaj

MYP PHE – Home Work Out

At PHE lessons, the MYP students were given various tasks and exercises to perform, the emphasis being on activities that can be done at home. They included working out with a backpack, stretching and exercising in pairs, doing lifts on a chair, as well as performing a dance choreography, they were also encouraged to go outside if possible. Here are some examples of their exploits.