MYP – Scavenger Hunt & Ljubljana Castle

The Language acquisition team organised a collapsed day for the MYP students during which they got to know our capital city, Ljubljana. In the first part of the day, students were divided into smaller groups, and they were exploring the sights around the centre of Ljubljana. They received a list of clues written in the languages they have learned at our school (Slovenian, German, French, Spanish) which helped them find the sights and do the accompanying tasks like singing, writing poetry, drawing… In the second part of the day, the students ascended to the top of Grajski grič to enter a time machine. They travelled back in time to visit Ljubljana in different periods in time like the Antiquity, Middle Ages, Napoleon’s time… when the official language was not Slovenian but German or French. They learned many interesting facts about Ljubljana and have come up with questions for a quiz that will test your knowledge about Ljubljana. Click here to begin the quiz.
Language Acquisition Team

PYP – House of Illusions

On Monday and Tuesday, 25 and 26 April, students of PYP (grades 1 – 5), had a collapsed day, during which they visited the House of Illusions in Ljubljana. They explored if people can really trust their senses and learn how to trick their brains. They went through the Upside-down room, the Vortex tunnel and experienced different optical illusions. It was a productive day, filled with new experiences, fun memories and great pictures.
Ms Živa Skornšek, coordinator

PYP Science Day – “Earth Day”

On Friday 22 April, students of PYP Grade 1 – Grade 5, had a science day, which theme was celebrating EARTH DAY. They explored how to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE waste. It was a productive day that ended not only with new knowledge and findings but also with the cleanest lockers, classrooms and hallway ever.
Mr Oliver Frlić, coordinator

First LEGO League Tournament

Our mixed school team, Znanjejede sovice, took part in one of the FIRST LEGO League Tournaments in Slovenia. FIRST LEGO League is the most accessible, guided global robotics competition, helping students and teachers to build a better future together. The teams competed in four categories: robot game, technical interview, project, and core values. Our team was made up of national and international department students and successfully earned an excellent 8th place at the tournament.


Mentors: Ms Lojzka Lušin and Mr Uroš Medar

Earth Day – Bowl of rice

On Friday, 22 April, the MYP students had a cup of rice instead of their regular snack. The difference in price will go to a good cause.
Ms Katarina Čepič