We are inviting all the parents or other family members to participate in our Reading Badge project for parents and employees at Danila Kumar School. The reading badge will run throughout the school year and conclude on 2 April 2023. Everyone can participate by reading 5 books, writing your opinion about them in the attached form, and sending it to the school library e-mail (knjiznica@os-danilekumar.si). The books can be anything you like, adult fiction, youth fiction, as well as professional fiction, in any language. With your permission, we will publish book reviews in a special collection published on the school’s website, where you can see recommendations for your next reading. By joining this project, you will be a wonderful example to your children. Through youth literature, you will be able to peek into their world, talk about what you have read, and share your opinions with them. 

Tina Frelih