FIS Rules Evening

And… an evening learning FIS rules.. now we will now what is right and what is wrong when we’re skiing ⛷️⛷️⛷️🎿

6M Students & Teachers

6M Winter Field Trip – Day 2

Hello from Kranjska Gora!

Today we had lot of fun on the skies again, learning some new tricks.  Some of us also tried the cross country skies and it was great! You can see us in the photos.
Greetings from all 😎

International Handwriting Day

Every year on 23 January, International Handwriting Day is celebrated worldwide. It was initiated in 1977 by the US Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) to highlight the influence of handwriting on our lives. This year, the MYP students had a library lesson dedicated to the day. They were learning about different writing systems, participated in a quiz, practiced their signatures and, to conclude, analysed each other’s handwriting to figure out the personality of the author. The students were open-minded, knowledgeable and enjoyed taking part in this unique activity.
Tina Frelih

6M Winter Field Trip – Day 1

We arrived in Kranjska Gora around 09.50. We had snack and got our rooms. After a short break we experienced our first taste of Kranjska Gora snow. After skiing we had some games on the snow (building a snow fortress with a snow ball fight – boys against girls). We had lot of fun. Now we are preparing to go hiking to lake Jasna and then, we will finish with our first day. 

See you soon!!!
Students and teachers