Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is a day set aside to express love, respect and thanks to mothers. The day is observed by giving gifts, visiting, or taking mothers out for dinner and celebrations. Mother’s Day around the world falls on different dates at various times of the year (usually in March or May). In Slovenia it is celebrated on 25 March. Many cultures have diverse ways to celebrate it. The moral of this day is that husbands and children must respect their wives and mothers in the family. President Woodrow Wilson announced the first Mother’s Day in the USA on 9 May 1914. He asked Americans to give a public “thank you” to their mothers and all mothers on that day. What will you do on Mother’s Day? 

Princesa, 6m 

International Women’s Day

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the year 8 students had a lesson dedicated to the holiday. They created acrostic poems about women they admire, researched women leaders from around the world, imagined a day in the life of a girl from another place or time, amongst other things. International Women’s Day reminds us to be open-minded and caring, to live in a world in which everyone is equal.
Tina Frelih

6M – Visit to the Home for the Elderly

Some 6M students visited the Home for the Elderly in Bežigrad once more. The students again showed that they were excellent communicators, caring and real risk-takers. They prepared the delicious Kaiserschmarrn together with the residents of the home, which they also got to enjoy later on. Both the students and the hosts had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. 

Tina Frelih 

3M Science Day – Bridges must Cross & Carry

On 7 March, the 3M students had a science day in which they investigated the purpose and strength of the different types of structures and materials of bridges. In groups, through discussion and trial and error they executed and constructed their own bridges and evaluated their designs, materials used, and building techniques employed by carrying out various experiments to test the worthiness, endurance and fortitude of their work. 

Kindergarten Cultural Day – Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

Our Kindergarten students visited the Ljubljana puppet theatre on Friday 3 March.
The travelling to and from the theatre was as interesting as the show itself. Experiences like taking a public bus, walking through the city centre and observing a truck with a crane cage, along with strolling through Ljubljana market and seeing an ice skating rink were all part of the trip.
We know the children enjoyed themselves during the puppet show as well, as we could hear a lot of laughing and positive comments during the performance.

Sonja Može