Trip to Graz

Students from 8M, and 9th grade national students who learn German, took a day trip to Graz and a sweet journey to the chocolate factory of Zotter. The weather was lovely and the day was really enjoyable!
Petra Cerar (more…)

6M Science Day – Botanical Gardens

On Thursday, 19th April, the pupils of 6M visited the Botanical Gardens in Ljubljana. The day was ripe for a stroll around the gardens in the spring sunshine. We were met by our guide, who then proceeded to awaken the gardens for us through her knowledge and enthusiasm. The tour revealed the delights and dangers of various plants, flowers and trees including the oldest tree in the Botanical Gardens, a Linden tree, the national tree of Slovenia, a selection of edible plants and their poisonous lookalikes, as well as carnivorous plants. The day was rounded off with a workshop about how various organisms connect through food chains and food webs. 6M and their teachers would like to say thank you to the guide for the insightful and educational day.   (more…)


Yesterday, there was a wonderful cultural musical theatre “Enci benci Katalenci” performed by Katalena, at Cankarjev dom, for our school community. The group managed to merge various idioms of popular music with the legacies of Slovenian folklore culture. The band was full of energy and their adrenaline rushed from the stage into the audience. Without holding back, we can say that we all had an excellent time.
Katarina Lovenjak


Students finished with their final day of the challenge of inquiry. In the first two lessons, students presented their research work to their parents. After snack, students from K 2, 1M and 2M came to the auditorium and listened to the interesting presentations.


Grade 8 students, Ivana and Noemi, explored the question: How are moral values important for our descendants and us? As part of their Community project. They connected with the association Društvo za boljši svet Vilinski ključ, which encourages tolerance and compassion in people. It is led by Mrs Alenka Kos, who helps the disabled by providing recreational and sports activities for them to help improve their physical activity and reduce the possibility of subsequent chronic disease. Her activities promote social inclusion and equal opportunities for all.