5M – Cultural Day

On Wednesday, 13 April, 5m students visited ArtRebel, an animation studio in Ljubljana. They participated in the presentation of their work, which in this case was the process of making an animated commercial for pate: Junior Argeta. Through this experience, the students learnt about the process of 3D animation.
The students could also try VR 3D animation, which was represented by playing in a basketball team of Poli products.
Ms Anja Podreka 

School Garden

A few glimpses of the school garden. Pupils from MYP were working hard to prepare the school garden where seeds will soon be planted.
Ms Katarina Čepič & Ms Maja Kastelic

6M – Science Day – Where do you stand on the environment?

Nature doesn’t need humans,
But humans need Nature.
Cause Nature is our Mother,
As there cannot be another.

And how do we thank that she gave us food and water?
By giving plastic and trash to the ocean through a sewer.
We are crafting things by polluting the air,
And buying unnatural things for our hair.

 We are hunting the other children of Nature,
And our Mother turns warnings into torture.
Giving us forest fires and tsunamis,
Like we were the enemies.

But it’s too late to make it right,
And the problem is that we can’t fight.
We can just wait until it’s over,
So after that, we can think it over.

Are toys worth it to make Mother Nature angry,
Or that we think about the people who are hungry.
I would choose to think about others,
And, of course, the poisoning sewers. 

But not every system can work for humankind,
And this is why the Soviet Union had failed at the time.
They are saying that everyone is the same,
While they did the opposite, that’s a shame.

So, humans should know their limits,
So it could not danger other habits.

Nature is strict but fair!
(by András Pártos, 6M)


Individual Commitment

As part of Individual Commitment, one of our MYP students volunteered to translate some news into Russian to reach a wider community. As a result, we hope that we will be able to share our news in even more languages to support our diverse community in the future. (Click here to view)
We wish you a wonderful weekend! 

2M – Sports Day

On Wednesday, 30 March, 2M students had a Sports Day, which was connected to their current Unit on health. They researched how their heart rate changed during various activities through different games and activities.